Hanse Steiner-Davion

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Hanse Steiner-Davion II
AffiliationHouse Steiner-Davion
ParentsPeter Steiner-Davion (father)[1]
Marie Hussfield (mother)[1]
ChildrenTrillian Steiner-Davion[1]

Hanse Steiner-Davion was the son of Peter Steiner-Davion. He was born after a 28-hour delivery.[2] He was noted as having certain mental handicaps.[1]


Attempted Assassination[edit]

In 3098 an assassination attempt was made against Hanse Steiner-Davion. The attempt failed, and prompted a two-year investigation that concluded that the shadowy organization known as the Brotherhood of Cincinnatus was responsible. The Brotherhood's motivation in ordering the assassination was determined to be attempting to prevent potential future heirs to the Archon's throne inheriting mental disabilities from Hanse, revealing a combination of ruthlessness and willingness to meddle in the royal bloodlines at the heart of the Brotherhood. The attack turned public opinion against the Brotherhood as Hanse was a widely beloved public figure.[1]


Both Hanse and his wife would be killed in an accident in 3111. As a result, Hanse's three-year-old daughter Trillian was raised by then Archon-Designate Andrew Steiner, alongside Andrew's own daughter Melissa[1][3]


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