Harrier (BattleTechnology)

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The subject of this article is exclusively described in apocryphal sources, i.e. in official BattleTech products that do not fall under the current definition of canon.
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Production information
Manufacturer Unknown
Mission Recon/BattleMech Support
Type Hovercraft
Cost  ?
Technical specifications
Mass 50 tons
Armor  ?
Engine 265 Fusion
Speed 162 kph km/h
Crew  ?
Communications System  ?
Targeting Tracking System  ?
BV (1.0)  ?
BV (2.0)  ?


The Harrier is a general purpose hovertank designed to be used for several types of missions, ranging from long-range reconnaissance to BattleMech support.[1]


The Harrier has a Large Laser as its primary weapon, backed up by a SRM-4 launcher fed by one ton of ammunition. A single Medium Laser covers the rear arc of the vehicle.


No variants are known to exist for the Harrier.


The Harrier has thus far only appeared in BattleTechnology, which at the time was considered a source of canon for the BattleTech universe. However, BattleTechnology is no longer considered a source of canon by the current BattleTech developers, and as such, the Harrier can no longer be considered a canonical design.


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