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Harrison Kalma

Harrison Kalma
Character Profile
Died 3082[1]
Affiliation House Kalma
Profession Director of Military Intelligence[2]
Spouse Cynthia Kalma[2]
Children Duncan Kalma[2]

Harrison Kalma was the Director of Military Intelligence within the League Central Coordination and Command. By April 3057 he was officially retired, but remained an advisor of Thomas Marik.[2]


Even after his retirement, Harrison Kalma continued to serve. In 3057 he provided an analysis on the terror raids that unknown forces were carrying out pretending to be Knights of the Inner Sphere, and suggested his son Duncan Kalma for the undercover operation that was Duncan's Demons.

During the early stages of the Word of Blake Jihad, Harrison Kalma's son Duncan would rescue him moments before a Blakist snatch team attempted to capture him, both escaping off-world before Duncan proceeded to re-form Duncan's Demons to serve as a anti-Blakist guerrilla force across the entire Free Worlds League. While surviving the Jihad, Harrison Kalma would ultimately die two weeks after the official formation of the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth in 3082.[1]


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