Harrison Lucas

Harrison Lucas
Character Profile
Affiliation Terran Hegemony
Position Lucas Technologies CEO and President

Harrison Lucas was the CEO and President of Lucas Technologies.[1]


He was a businessman with an eye for innovations. He is credited with three specific innovations that made him a among the twenty richest Hegemony citizens.

First was refining new armor and shielding alloys, which were a revolution for the production of military-grade armor as well as other subsystems. By licensing this technology to dozens of other Hegemony contractors, he even made more money.

Second was the LTV series of military-grade fusion engines.

And finally it was the LTV-4 Hover Tank.

Indeed, it can be said that all started with the Hover Tank, as it was at that time that when he discovered that one of the firms his company bought had developed a revolutionary process for manufacturing heat and EM shielding for consumer products, that he took charge of the LTV-4 Hover Tank design team and starting refining the processes involved in sub-elements of the design.

When by about 2470 his company, Lucas Technologies, merged with General Mechanics, the union formed the largest and most important military contractor in the Terran Hegemony, which further boosted Lucas' own personal wealth.[1]


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