HartfordCo Industries

HartfordCo Industries
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: Bryant
Products: BattleMechs
Division(s) Pardeau

HartfordCo Industries is a defense contractor best known for the Von Luckner heavy tank and Cicada medium BattleMech. Based on Bryant, the factory shut down after the destruction of Bryant's Storm Inhibitors during the Second Succession War.


The primary factory on Bryant was destroyed during the Second Succession War in 2840, stopping production of the Von Luckner and Cicada.[1] HartfordCo also had a manufacturing plant on Pardeau during the Star League era, producing Von Luckners; the plant was expanding in 2765, with HartfordCo intent on expanding the production there beyond the Star League Defense Force demand, so that they could sell excess production to the Star League member states.[2] Pardeau was abandoned or depopulated during the Third Succession War.[3][4]


HartfordCo Industries has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Bryant:[1]
Component Type
CDA-2A Cicada[5] Medium BattleMech
CDA-2B Cicada[5] Medium BattleMech
Von Luckner[1] Combat Vehicle - Heavy Tank
Fusion Engine
VOX 225 Von Luckner[1]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
StarSlab-2 Von Luckner[1]
Communications System
O/P 300 Von Luckner[1]
Targeting-Tracking System
O/P GRNDSTAT 50A Von Luckner[1]
Armstrong Von Luckner[1]
Holly Von Luckner[1]
Dannel Von Luckner[1]
Holly Von Luckner[1]
Machine Gun
Ramsey Von Luckner[1]
Firestorm Von Luckner[1]


Components produced on Pardeau:[2]
Component Type
Von Luckner[1] Combat Vehicle - Heavy Tank


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