Hartford (Individual Star Lord-class JumpShip)

Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Star Lord


First launched in the twenty-eighth century, the Hartford was a Star Lord-class JumpShip; in or around 3057, Colonel Jeremiah Winfield purchased the Hartford to transport his mercenary unit, Winfield's Regiment, when he found himself unable to find another form of transport. The reason Colonel Winfield couldn't find a ship captain willing to transport the Regiment was that the Colonel was intent on an unsanctioned attack on the world of Winfield, which had been occupied by Clan Jade Falcon during the Clan Invasion. Winfield's raid went ahead, and while it was only partially successful, the Hartford survived and would continue to be owned and operated by Colonel Winfield.[1]

The Hartford was used by Winfield's Regiment to search systems near the Marian Hegemony in an effort to find the Circinian unit known as the Black Warriors. In January 3069 the Hartford arrived at Corpus Mortuum, an ancient colony world abandoned in the twenty-seventh century and never recolonised due to the toxic atmosphere. Bandits discovered in the system and subsequently captured led Winfield's Regiment yielded information that indicated the presence of large Word of Blake bases throughout the area.[2]

Winfield's Regiment acted on the intelligence provided by the bandits and attempted to strike at what they believed was a Blakist base on Circinus, a plan devised by Jeremiah Winfield on the assumption that the Regiment would be able to easily defeat the Blakist defenses and seize enough salvage for another strike at Winfield. Unfortunately for the Regiment, the Circinian defenses were far stronger than Winfield believed, and the Regiment only escaped by hot-charging the Hartford's batteries while the bulk of the Regiment's AeroSpace forces sacrificed themselves to buy time.[2]

The strain of making repeated hot-jumps all the way back to Blantleff was too much for the Hartford, which arrived at Blantleff with a shattered K-F core, leaving the ship in desperate need of repair.[2]


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