Harvest Trial (Trial)

Not to be confused with the Harvest Trials which was a plan created by Wolf and Jade Falcon Khans Vladimir Ward and Marthe Pryde respectively, to weaken the Home Clan Touman and replenish their strength after the Refusal War.

A Harvest Trial is a trial that allows certain units to be added into another clan unit. It serves as a mini hybrid between a Trial of Possession and Trial of Absorption.


In the aftermath of the Refusal War in 3057, Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon were mauled badly, weakening both toumans. Sensing an opportunity, to join the invasion, Ice Hellion Khan, Asa Taney cited the failures of the Invading Clans and voted to Absorb the Wolves and Jade Falcons. Fortunately for both Clans, Taney's plan was thwarted by the united Invading Clans. Forming a plan to strengthen themselves at the expense of the Home Clans, both Khans created the Harvest Trials. It was stated as a way for homeworld warriors to join the invasion, but only under the banner of either clans. To the Home Crusaders, this was a chance to experience the Inner Sphere and gain honor by fighting them. As for Warden-minded clans, they saw this as an opportunity to rid themselves of their Crusader-minded warriors. After the Harvest Trial campaign was a success, other clans did their own Harvest Trials.

Notable Examples[edit]

6th Jaguar Dragoons[edit]

The shattered 6th Jaguar Dragoons were rebuilt after Lincoln Osis regained his rank of Khan among Clan Smoke Jaguar. The unit was used to represent Osis' pride among the Smoke Jaguars, working under his orders. During combat, the cluster came in contact with Clan Wolf in Exile forces with Khan Phelan Kell leading the charge. At this time, the Dragoons were feeling disdain for their Khan and his use of them. Phelan Kell challenged the Star Colonel to a Trial of Possession for the opportunity to harvest him and his unit. Being successfully absorbed, the 6th Jaguar Dragoons was renamed into the 6th Wolf Guards.[1]

Clan Wolf Omega Galaxy[edit]

After the Refusal War and reformation of the reborn Clan Wolf under Khan Vladimir Ward, the new Khan made great strides to remove the Warden traditions and trappings of the original Clan Wolf under the Crusader stance. Given Khan Ward's disdain of anything or anyone Warden, he grouped them in a place for humiliation. Clan Wolf's Omega Galaxy was no exception to this rule. A second-line Galaxy who was looked downed upon by their Crusader comrades because of their Warden views, the warriors were consigned to demeaning tasks like pirate hunting bandits linked with rumors of being Not-Named Clan survivors. Although they hated both their own Khan and brethren, there was nothing they could do as members of Omega Galaxy fought for a clan they despised. However, their chance at salvation came in the form of Clan Hell's Horses. Sensing an opportunity to hurt Clan Wolf and gain a new galaxy at the same time, Horse Khan James Cobb declared a harvest trial on the Wolf Warriors. While on the other side of the coin, Omega Galaxy saw this as a way to honorably defect from their former clan after their abuse. Although Omega Galaxy was enticed by the idea, they fought hard for their parent clan, being absorbed in the process.[2]

Rasalhague Kungsarme[edit]

After Clan Ghost Bear conquered the remaining territory of the Free Rasalhague Republic, the Ghost Bears chose to act as a partner rather than a conqueror. As a result, the Rasalhauge Republic realm was renamed into the Ghost Bear Dominion, integrating the two cultures into one. One type of integration that the Ghost Bears did was a Harvest Trial in the form of a Trial of Position to allow Rasalhagian natives and Kungsarme units into the ranks of the Ghost Bear Touman. These would form the basis of galaxies such as Rasalhague Galaxy, Taiga Galaxy and Valkyrie Galaxy. This resulted in the full integration between the Clan Ghost Bear Touman and the Kungsarme as they formed to become the Rasalhague Dominion.

Clan Ice Hellion Rememants[edit]

Following the defeat and split of Clan Ice Hellion after the failed Operation Ice Storm, Connor Rood's half willingly accepted Absorption into Clan Goliath Scorpion. As saKhan of the Escorpion Imperio he consolidated his survivors into Hellion Galaxy, otherwise known as Hellion Galaxy. As Rood gained influence among his clan, he searched for survivors of his former clan and challenged them to a Harvest trial. While most joined the Imperio, other did not, being put down as a result. Nevertheless, SaKhan Rood was successful in reintegrating his former brethren back into the Clan fold.[3]


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