Hastati Sentinels

Hastati Sentinels logo.png
Hastati Sentinels
Formed 3081
Nickname Vis per Varietate (Strength through Diversity) [1]
Affiliation Republic of the Sphere
Parent Command Republic Armed Forces


The Hastati Sentinels were formed in late 3082 to counterattack the Capellan-held world of Tikonov. The first six Hastati Sentinels regiments formed and dropped onto Tikonov alongside Stone's Brigade. There the Sentinels faced off against five Capellan Warrior Houses.[2]

The Hastati Sentinels are the elite forces of The Republic of the Sphere's military. Though they are drawn from nearly every House, Clan, and Periphery military, years of constant training and border skirmishes have raised their skills to a high level. As befits their motto Victoria Exarcho ("Victory for the Exarch"), individually they are outstanding soldiers, equaling even the Republic's Knights, but when grouped in large formations they are not quite as good as the combat units of the Clans or Successor States.[3]

Like all large combat formations, including the Sword of Light and the Davion Brigade of Guards, not all regiments of the Hastati Sentinels have the same experience. The units of Hastati V have clashed with the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces on multiple occasions, making them the most experienced soldiers in the Republic Armed Forces.

After the Blackout, the Hastati lost seven of their ten regiments. Inside Fortress Republic, the Sentinels were scheduled for reconstruction. The new Sentinels were led by a combination of Republic Knights and experienced RAF officers, and they have been equipped with a large number of assault-class 'Mechs.[4]

The newly formed Hastati Sentinels (Eleventh through Sixteenth) were released into combat operations as part of Operation SHOFAR. This brings the new Hastati into conflict with the CCAF, Clan Jade Falcon, DCMS, and Clan Wolf.[5]


Rank Name Time Period in Command
Commanding Officers of the Hastati Sentinels
Lieutenant General Sergi David 3145[6]

Other Unit Officers[edit]


As mentioned earlier, the Hastati Sentinels are excellent soldiers individually, but have some difficulty working together in large formations.

They are also highly skilled in combined arms operations.[2]

Units of the Hastati Sentinels[edit]

A Hastati Sentinels unit consists of one 'Mech regiment, two armor regiments, three infantry regiments, supported by a company of artillery and aerospace fighters.[2]

The Hastati Sentinels are deployed in a manner similar to the Triarii Protectors and Principes Guards: One regiment to each of the Republic's Prefectures. The original ten regiments of the Hastati Sentinels are:

After the creation of Fortress Republic, the following units were created:[4]


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