Hat-in-the-Ring Battalion

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Hat-in-the-Ring Battalion
Unit Profile (as of 3025)
CO Lt. Col. Forsythe
JumpShips unknown
DropShips unknown
Aerospace unknown
Armor unknown
Infantry unknown


The Hat-in-the-Ring Battalion, colloquially abbreviated "HRB", is a peculiar mercenary unit notable for their highly trained Techs; the unit is known to frequently make minor modifications to some of their 'Mechs such as routinely replacing the SRM-2 on their Assassins with a Medium Laser and some extra armor.[1]


While the actual inception date of the HRB is unknown, they have reportedly been running an intense Tech recruiting and training program since the 2980's and field a number of 'Mechs with minor field modifications. It is also noted that the unit has a long history of serving House Davion.[1]

In 3025 the HRB participated in the defense of Holt against a raid by two battalions from the Capellan Confederation. (Notably, Holt is situated deep within House Marik's Free Worlds League, literally on the other side of the Capellan Confederation from House Davion's Federated Suns, suggesting the unit may actually have been in Marik employ at the time.) Charmichal's Recon Lance of the HRB, consisting of two Spiders and two Assassins, captured two enemy Chargers which they considered useless. This prompted Chief Tech Stuart Bell (a certified Master Tech with a Technician Rating of 8[2]) to devise a field modification that would become known as the CGR-SB Challenger variant of the Charger, in an attempt to turn the design into a proper fighting machine.[1]

One Challenger modified in this way and a regular, unmodified Charger successfully fought off an attack by a light lance shortly afterward, destroying a Phoenix Hawk and a Stinger in the process.[1]

Since the article is written from a 3028 viewpoint the HRB apparently still existed by that year.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Hat-in-the-Ring Battalion
Lieutenant Colonel Forsythe 3028



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