Havalah Cazer

Havalah Cazer
Born 3040
Affiliation Word of Blake
Profession MechWarrior

Havalah Cazer was a Manei Domini who served in infamous Opacus Venatori as an Wraith Adept Beta.[1]


Born on the Free Rasalhague Republic world of Orestes into a rebel cell of hardcore Draconis Combine supporters abandoned by the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery in 3034, Havalah grew to resent her parents and extended family for their constant guerrilla war against the authority of the Free Rasalhague government. At age fourteen Havalah Cazer had had enough, turning in her parent's entire rebel cell to MIMIR, living on the streets for the next four years.[1]

Desperately seeking direction for her life, Havalah chose to join ComStar in 3058, excelling in her basic training and ultimately finding the sense of purpose and direction she sought, not in the secular ComStar but in a covert Word of Blake sect within Orestes's Hyperpulse Generator garrison. When ComStar ROM flushed out the small group, Cazer fled into the Orestes wilderness, spending several months crossing the planet's main continent before she was able to smuggle herself off-world to Terra. Impressed with her resilience and dedication to the Word's ideals, Havalah Cazer was welcomed with open arms, promoted into the Word of Blake ROM's elite Light of Mankind special forces and catching the eye of Precentor Benjamin Emory.[1]

Joining the Manei Domini's elite Opacus prior to it's merger with the Venatori, Cazer would serve as the chief infiltration agent of both units, ensuring that while a MechWarrior she did not receive a Vehicular Direct Neural Interface and instead receiving inplants to enhance her already "knockout" looks. Her infiltration skills unsurpassed, Precentor Berith would often use Cazer as the unit's lead scout to gather intelligence before coming up with an operational plan. Her efforts for the Manei Domini was such that as of 3073 it seemed to be a forgone conclusion she would been a future choice for Ascension.[1]

BattleMechs and Equipment[edit]

As of 3073, Havalah Cazer was augmented with a Toxin Effuser, Cosmetic Enhancements and Cybernetic Ear Implants. The only Manei Domini of the Opacus to lack a VDNI interface, Cazer works hard to overcome this lack, being highly proficient at bypassing most ECM Suites and active Probes against her BattleMech thanks to work with surveillance electronics.[2]

From at least January to October 3069 Cazer piloted a MAD-5W Marauder II. [3] [4]

As of 3073 Cazer was piloting a Seraph, one of the first prototypes from the Sekkaris Mekwerks on Mars. Affectionately named "Veracity", Cazr has modified the 'Mech serveral times to accommodate her ferocious fighting style, her personally favored configuration based on the Seraph Infernus and carrying a Brandt DragonMaw Ultra AC/20 supplied with a whopping six tons of reloads supported by a Ramtech 9500V Large and 5500V Medium Variable Speed Pulse Laser. While a Targeting Computer ensures she hits what she targets, a Brandt Whipsaw Anti-Missile System wards off missile fire for as long as it single ton of reloads lasts.[1] [5]


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