Hawk Eagle Auto-Pistol

Hawk Eagle Auto-Pistol


The Hawk Eagle Automatic Pistol is a common sidearm for many soldiers of the Free Worlds League. Produced by Irian PersArms, a subsidiary of Irian Technologies founded in 3032, the Hawk Eagle is the most prevalent of the Eagle series of pistols. Its precision engineering and unique use of caseless ammunition practically eliminates stoppages and allows the pistol to fire in semi-auto or three-round bursts. However these features also make the pistol expensive to produce and difficult to maintain.[1]



Item: Auto-Pistol (Hawk Eagle)[2]
Equipment Rating: C/X-F-C/C
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 4B/3B
Range: 5/20/50/100 meters
Shots: 15
Cost/Reload: 100/10
Affiliation: FWL
Mass/Reload: 500g/110g
Notes: Burst: 3; Recoil: -1


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