Haya Tetsuhara

Haya Tetsuhara
Character Profile
Affiliation House Tetsuhara
Profession MechWarrior
Parents Kiyomasa Tetsuhara (grandfather)[1]

Haya Tetsuhara was a member of House Tetsuhara and a major with Wolf's Dragoons.


Haya Tetsuhara was the granddaughter of Kiyomasa Tetsuhara and great-granddaughter of Minobu Tetsuhara. While her father renounced the military life, becoming a businessman, and even trying to educate her that way, she decided to enlist at the Dragoons at the age of fourteen, determined to become a MechWarrior. So her grandfather Kiyomasa explained her to Minobu's history, so she could know the consequences a soldier's life could have on her family. That impacted her, but didn't change her decision.[2]

Her initial career is unknown, but she must have seen action against the Federated Suns, as, in 3151 she was already a captain, leading Charlie Company of the Tarantulas Battalion. After the Battle of Terra, and the gathering of all Dragoons survivors, she was aboard the DropShip Chieftain, where Colonel Henry Kincaid announced the beginning of a personal war of the Dragoons against Clan Wolf. Haya had lost a dear friend on Terra, Freya Bern, and she was very affected... and thirsty for revenge.[3]

On 13 June, in the Marik system, Kincaid called her to a meeting between with Captain-General Nikol Halas-Hughes Marik, making her pose as his aide.[4]

On 26 June 3151, Haya participated in the Tarantulas' raid on New Olympia, leading her company. There she faced the Wolf cadets' commander, Star Captain Judah, though she wasn't the one who downed him.[5]

The next attack of the Tarantulas, attempting to take weapons shipments on Campbelton on 8 August, didn't go so well: the Wolf defenders proved to be too well-armed and cunning, and the Dragoons had high casualties. The death of Captain Norton and the incapacitation of Major Eric Gamble put her in command of the Tarantulas. She was advised to retreat, answering Retreat, hell! We just got here, but ordered the Tarantulas to regroup near the landing zone. Haya intended to launch a new assault but was unable to – Colonel Kincaid ordered her to abandon the attack and leave the planet, an order she reluctantly obeyed.[6]

After reaching the Dragoons' command DropShip Chieftain, a furious Haya demanded answers from Kincaid about the retreat. An impassive Kincaid, who was with a businessman, Phu-Phu Engaga, explained to her that he had ordered it to save lives, and that she had done nothing wrong.[7]

Haya expected to have to defend herself, but Hack was very pleased by her aggressive spirit, and far from punishing her, he promoted her to Major, giving her a command she had to recreate: the long time destroyed Zeta Battalion. Phu-Phu was presented to her because he and his associates were the civilians who would assist her with info and supplies behind Wolf lines.[8]

On 21 October, once in their secret base on Ilion, Haya began creating Zeta Battalion using resources and personnel, mostly veterans from the inactive regiments that went to Terra, the Wolfsbane Battalion and Tarantulas Battalion. Haya's phrase of "Retreat? Hell, we just got here!" became Zeta's motto, and she instilled the philosophy of always doing the job, always, no matter what happened.[9]

Haya and her officers started intensively training their warriors, but didn't have much time. On 30 November, Zeta Battalion lifted off for their first contract: the conquest of three planets of the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey. On 31 December, they attacked Labouchere crushing the local Wolf Cluster in a matter of hours and departing before Tamarind's garrison arrived.[10]

On the second planet Alula Borealis, only Haya saw combat: she declared a Trial of Possession against the Wolf commander, defeating him in less than a minute, taking all the Wolf company as isorla.[11]

But the third and last planet, Trellisane, where they landed on 17 February, wasn't so easy: the Wolf garrison, the newly created 106th Wolf Garrison Cluster engaged in hit-and-run attacks, thus avoiding an open fight and delaying Zeta's victory for weeks. Luckily, a civilian employee, Jefferson Adabayo told her the location of the Wolves' supply stockpiles. The destruction of several of the stockpiles forced the 106th to leave the planet, conceding victory to Zeta towards the end of March. Zeta Battalion departed after the Tamarind garrison arrived.[12]

Zeta's return to Ilion was short, as Kincaid sent them on a raid against Gienah, the Wolves' capital. Before departing, she received a new recruit, Lieutenant Kirby Cole[13]

On 6 June 3152, Zeta landed on Gienah. During the Battle of Gienah, Haya led her battalion on a slow advance, crushing everything the Wolves threw at them. By 11 June, the fight had moved inside the planetary capital, Alliago City, and a few days later the Wolf defenders were finally crushed. Haya's attempt to capture or kill the Empire leader, Star Colonel Othar failed. Her 'Mech was downed due to an Elemental attack, and Othar killed Lieutenant Kirby Cole before escaping.[14]

Despite the fact that Haya was deeply saddened the death of Cole, a young and very promising officer, she had to admit that Zeta had achieved victory in everything but taking out Othar and ordered a victorious retreat from the planet.[15]


Haya Tetsuhara's only known BattleMech was a rare Spartan C.[16]


Haya's catchphrase "Retreat, Hell! We just got here," is a reference to the Battle of Belleau Wood, during the World War 1, used by the US Marines. Today it is one of the mottos of the US Marine Corps.


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