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Haynesville nearby systems
Haynesville nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 455.201 : 79.572[e]

The Haynesville system is the location of at least one habitable world, and as of 3151 was located in the Raven Alliance.[1]

System Description[edit]

The Haynesville system is located close to the Brookeland and Kennard systems.[2][3]

System History[edit]

The Haynesville system was either colonized by the Outworlds Alliance during the Age of War,[4][2][5][6] or was an already-inhabited system that became significant enough during this period for Inner Sphere nations to begin recording its location on maps.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary History[edit]

Reunification War[edit]

In the mid-26th century, Haynesville was one of the worlds within the Outworlds Alliance, located close to the Alliance border with the Federated Suns. In 2581, the Star League sent the Outworlds Alliance Task Force consisting of two SLDF corps supported by an auxiliary force from the Draconis Combine to forcibly incorporate the Alliance into the Star League, following the mass rejection of the Pollux Proclamation by the Alliance along with the other major Periphery states. Although Haynesville wasn't targeted in the first wave of attacks despite its location on an active border, it was an early target during the second year of the invasion.[7]

During the first year of the invasion into the Outworlds Alliance, the SLDF II Corps had acted as the main invasion force, with the SLDF V Corps and auxiliary forces from the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery acting largely as supporting units. Two of the three divisions within V Corps hadn't seen any action in 2581, and the commanding officer of V Corps, Major General Laszlo Hooker, wasn't happy with his Corps being kept in a support role. Using personal contacts further up the SLDF chain of command, Hooker was able to have get his Corps onto active combat duty, beginning with orders to annex Haynesville.[7]

The unit designated to occupy Haynesville was the Thirty-seventh Royal Brigade, part of the Thirteenth Royal Division, under the command of Lieutenant General Thomas Sexton. The Thirty-seventh Royal Brigade landed on Haynesville on the 7th of February 2582 and appeared to rapidly secure the world, only to find their attempts to occupy Haynesville contested by the local militia beginning with a series of attacks on the 14th and 15th of February. Under the terms of the Tancredi Accord between the Outworlds Alliance and the Federated Suns, the Federated Suns had been providing covert assistance to the Alliance for some time; a part of this was the provision of experienced advisors from the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns to train Alliance personnel. The Haynesville militia had spent four months prior to the arrival of the Thirty-seventh being trained in tactics to combat SLDF forces by just such an advisor, Captain Joshua March. The attacks on the 14th and 15th of February saw the militia infantry effectively employ anti-'Mech tactics to cripple dozens of tanks and BattleMechs, and were just the beginning of active resistance on the planet.[55]

The initial attacks by the Haynesville Militia forced Sexton to redeploy infantry with all of his armor and 'Mech forces, a process that took a week; the militia used that week to score a number of victories that were both impressive and critical - perhaps the most impressive of which was a full SLDF mixed 'Mech and armor company stationed at the Braszos water purification plant being surrounded and defeated by a battalion of militia infantry led personally by Captain March. Using nothing but light support weapons and demolition charges, the militia spent two weeks stymieing the attempts by the Thirty-seventh to control Haynesville. Twice, the militia even managed to deflect attempts by Sexton to use a massed attack to level one of the cities on Haynesville, keeping the attention of the SLDF on themselves, rather than the civilian population.[55]

Reinforcements for the militia arrived on Haynesville on the 3rd of March, in the form of two battalions from the Pitcairn Legion under the command of Major Heather Moses. Moses and March promptly worked together to convince Sexton and the Thirty-seventh that they were facing far greater Alliance forces than were actually present on Haynesville; mixing Pitcairn Legion forces with militia forces in provisional units, the two officers launched multiple attacks on SLDF positions, often patching or using cosmetic repairs to Legion ‘Mechs to make them appear undamaged, all to further the impression of the resistance being a much larger force.[55]

The efforts made by Moses, March and the personnel they commanded worked; by the 27th of March, the Thirty-seventh were short on supplies and had received no word of any reinforcements. Sexton felt that his Brigade had been defeated, and had sustained too much damage to hold out against an enemy force of obviously superior numbers; on the 29th of March, he formally surrendered to the Pitcairn Legion. The Thirty-seventh spent the next two days constructing internment facilities for themselves under guard from some of the Alliance forces, while the remainder of the militia and Pitcairn Legion not performing guard duties loaded as much of the Thirty-seventh's equipment as possible onto the captured Royal Brigade’s attached DropShip squadron.[55]

On the 31st of March, the Thirty-ninth Royal Brigade jumped into the system and were halfway through the six-day transit to Haynesville when they witnessed the DropShips belonging to the Thirty-seventh and the Pitcairn Legion lift off from Haynesville, escaping with every member of the Haynesville Militia, the attached Pitcairn Legion, and enough Star League Defense Force equipment to equip two complete regiments. The defeat of the Thirty-seventh seemed beyond belief to the CO of the Thirty-ninth Royal Brigade – and to General Amos Forlough, the commanding officer of the Outworlds Alliance Task Force, who arrived soon after receiving reports from the two brigade commanders.[55]

The campaign for Haynesville had cost the Star League forces more than any other part of the Alliance invasion to date, and was a huge morale victory for the Outworlds Alliance and for the other Periphery nations currently embroiled in the Reunification War. While acts of brutality on the part of the SLDF and their DCMS auxiliaries on Medron and other occupied worlds had led to a massive surge in recruiting for the Outworlds Alliance Militia, it was the battle for Haynesville that provided the hope that the Alliance could win. Not only had Alliance forces defeated the SLDF in battle, the surrender of a complete Royal brigade proved that the Star League forces were not invincible, and that the war might perhaps end on Alliance terms. The Alliance victory on Haynesville had the opposite effect on the Star League forces, lowering morale and pushing General Amos Forlough into increasingly toxic behavior towards those under his command.[56]

Forlough acted viciously towards both the population of Haynesville and the officers of the Thirty-seventh Royal Brigade as a result of the defeat. Lieutenant General Sexton was convicted of cowardice under fire and executed by hanging; every officer in the Thirty-seventh ranked Captain or higher was charged with cowardice and dereliction of duty, stripped of rank and imprisoned; the commander, assistant commander and ops officer of the Thirteenth Royal Division were all sacked, along with Major General Laszlo Hooker and his assistant corps commander. Forlough ordered that the population of Haynesville be decimated, one in ten citizens executed as had happened on Medron, Valentina and elsewhere, and had the largest city on Haynesville razed.[55]

Haynesville would stay under Star League occupation until 2584; when Forlough was moved out of the Outworlds Alliance campaign and put in charge of the Star League war with the Taurian Concordat, he was replaced by Major General Franklin Barnex. Barnex allowed the Federated Suns to place garrison forces on Haynesville, effectively annexing the world, and on the 1st of August 2585 Haynesville was ceded to the Federated Suns along with eight other worlds as part of the terms laid out within the Treaty of Cerberus.[57]

Dark Age[edit]

Following the disastrous defeat of the AFFS at the Battle of Palmyra in June 3144, Haynesville was one of three Federated Suns worlds which came under the Raven Alliance's control a month later.[52]

Military Deployment[edit]



Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 32 systems (31 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Kennard 16.1 Brookeland 17.5 De Berry 19.1 Dormandaine 22.3
Crestoblus 23.2 Diboll 23.7 Pajarito 24.7 Broaddus 25.7
Lyceum 26.9 Tancredi 29.1 Pascagoula 33.9 Pitkin 37.6
Greeley 39.7 Sturgis 39.8 Wittington 40.4 Ramora 41.0
Anguilla 43.4 Kinkaid 45.3 Milligan 45.4 Medron 46.7
Caerlaverock 48.9 Arromanches 49.1 Adrian 51.8 Bryceland 51.9
Ki Zoban 53.5 Sevon 54.2 Mishkadrill 55.0 Chanute 56.7
Kirbyville 59.2 Banori 59.2 Brundage 59.9 Lushann 61.5


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