Heat Sink Override Kit


The Heat Sink Override Kit was one of a few systems developed in the early Dark Age (only a short while before the Black Out) directly pertaining to Heat Management (or in the case of this system, the lack thereof). As a modification to the heat sensors within a Fusion Engine and some modifications to the firmware, the Heat Sink Override Kit made it easier for a pilot to avoid unwanted shut downs. However, all this does is delay the problems that high heat levels might cause in the first place, and it can even cause harm to the engine itself.

In order to make optimal use of the heat sink override system, it is important to keep in mind that it is for emergency use only and does not increase battlefield performance, but instead just helps and overheating mech stay in the fight a little longer. Systems that were designed to go with it include the Emergency Coolant System and the RISC Supercooled Myomer.


The Heat Sink Override Kit is classified as Experimental Technology.

When installed, the pilot receives a -2 bonus to the Target Modifier for rolls to avoid a heat shutdown. This does not count towards the rolls to avoid pilot fatigue, ammunition explosions, and so forth. Additionally, if the shutdown avoidance role is a fumble (unmodified result of 2), the engine will have a high probability of suffering damage, marking off a critical slot in the event a critical hit occurs. When no Critical Slots remain on the engine, it is considered destroyed.

The Heat Sink Override Kit does not occupy any Critical Slots or add any notable mass to the mech. It cannot be mounted on units that do not track heat, such as ProtoMechs, and is only available for BattleMechs, IndustrialMechs, OmniMechs, QuadVees and Land Air 'Mechs.

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