Heather Durant

Heather Durant
AffiliationHouse Durant
Title(s)First Consul
ParentsArabella Rowe (mother)
SiblingsMichael Durant[1]

Heather Durant was the fifth First Consul of the Rim Worlds Republic, ruling from about 2400 to 2463.


On 13 June 2412, Heather Durant signed the Ares Conventions for the Rim Worlds Republic.[2]

In 2407, the Draconis Combine and Lyran Commonwealth both approached the Republic with offers of alliance after war broke out in the Skye and Tamar provinces, to which Durant rejected in favor of official neutrality. As the war spread, the Rim Worlds became the scene of clandestine activities between the Kuritan and Lyran intelligence agencies and Durant saw a means to profit from this. She created the AsRoc intelligence service to acquire as many military secrets they could intercept and sell them to the highest bidder.[3]

In 2451, Durant befriended and is believed to have had a love affair with Terens Amaris, a Terran Hegemony intelligence operative investigating an attempt on the life of the Director-General Jacob Cameron. Durant offered Amaris' entire family second citizenship in the Rim Worlds Republic and helped them to become established as among the highest-ranking nobles of the Republic.[1][3]

When battles started involving BattleMechs for the first time in 2459, the art of war changed and every interstellar government had to develop new battlefield tactics. Lady Durant offered them use of the largely uninhabited nether regions of the Republic to develop and test their new 'Mechs and strategies for a price.[3]

In 2463, the heirless First Consul died suddenly of a previously undiagnosed heart condition. Having named Amaris her heir-apparent four years earlier, rule of the Republic transferred to the Amaris family.[1][3]


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