Heavy Recoilless Rifle

Heavy Recoilless Rifle


The Heavy Recoilless Rifle is the heaviest of the three types of recoilless rifles in use by military forces of the thirty-first century. Based on designs dating back to the mid-twentieth century, recoilless rifles launch a high-explosive fin-stabilized rocket at a target while simultaneously venting high-velocity gas, known as backblast, out the rear end of the weapon. The backblast can be dangerous, which for the heavy rifle extends out to a range of 10 meters, but allows for recoilless fire and greater thrust potential. The result is a rocket traveling at greater velocities than normal missiles, making them effectively immune to anti-missile systems and contributing to their growing popularity as these systems proliferate.[1][2]

Heavy recoilless rifles require a crew of three to operate and are far too heavy to be shoulder-fired, but their considerable firepower makes them popular as a defensive emplacement weapon. It can also fire a variety of ordnance types except for FASCAM and flares.[3]



Item:Recoilless Rifle, Heavy[4]
Equipment Rating: C/B-B-A/D
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: (E)
Range: 70/225/450/700 meters
Shots: 1
Cost/Reload: 4000/*
Affiliation: -
Mass/Reload: 60kg/4kg
Notes: Crew: 3; Backblast 10m


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