Heavy Sub-Capital Laser

Sub-Capital Laser.jpg
Heavy Sub-Capital Laser
Production information
Type Capital Direct Energy
Tech Base Inner Sphere[1]
Year Availability 3073[1] (WoB)[2]
Technical specifications
Heat 32[1]
Damage 3 (Capital)[1]
30 (Standard)[1]
Minimum Range N/A
Short Range 1-7
Medium Range 8-13
Long Range 14-18
Extreme Range 19-22
Tons 250[1]
Critical Slots 1-Capital[1]
Ammo Per Ton N/A
Cost (unloaded) 450,000[1]
Ammo Cost (per ton) N/A
BV (1.0) N/A
BV (2.0) 531[3]


The Heavy Sub-Capital Laser, also known as the SCL/3 was the largest of the Sub-Capital Lasers produced by the Word of Blake. Capable of inflicting as much damage as a hit from a White Shark capital missile, the fact that the Heavy Sub-Capital Laser wasn't reliant upon ammunition was a key selling point. In addition, the SCL/3 could be safely mounted on the planets of the Blake Protectorate as a defense against attacking WarShips. Like their capital scale brethren, deploying the SCL/3 in this role didn't run the risk of the defender's weapon fire returning to the planet's surface the way ballistic weapons fire would.[2]


Game Rules[edit]

The Heavy Sub-Capital Laser was also used to replace damaged Naval Laser systems aboard WarShips. Though they were more responsive to their control systems than their larger cousins, they still had difficulty targeting targets smaller than 500 tons.[2]



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