Hector's Hooligans

Hector's Hooligans
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command


The Dark Age[edit]

Hector's Hooligans were a mercenary unit contracted by one of the factions of the former Free Worlds League to raid Brigadier Corporation on Mackenzie, with a Seleucus-class infantry transport DropShip as payment. Believing that Brigadier's orbital facilities lacked aerospace fighter cover, the Hooligans burned in without deploying their own fighters; the Seleucus reversed thrust and deployed the Hooligans' battle armor in an extravehicular boarding attempt aimed at Brigadier's orbital facilities.[1]

When Brigadier's fighters arrived unexpectedly, they inflicted enough damage to send the Hooligan's Leopard CV spinning into the atmosphere of Mackenzie after it had deployed just four of its aerospace fighters. The Seleucus and those fighters fought for their lives against the squadron of defenders, while their battle armor fought to seal off Brigadier's construction yard. The mercenaries won the aerospace battle and with that superiority they were able to steal two brand new Behemoths and retreated back to their JumpShip.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Hector's Hooligans



Composition History[edit]


- The Hooligans also had JumpShip support, although the Leopard CV was most likely destroyed during the raid on Mackenzie.[1]


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