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Hehiro Kurita (26th c.)

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Hehiro Kurita
Character Profile
Born 13 February 2516
Died 11 July 2591
Profession Coordinator of the Draconis Combine
Parents Warren Kurita (father)
Siriwan McAllister (mother)
Children Martin Kurita
Leonard Kurita
Sanethia Kurita
Elaine Kurita
Raymond Kurita

Hehiro Kurita was a Coordinator of the Draconis Combine.[1]


Biographers of Hehiro Kurita never understood why he allowed his mother to act as "Regent" Coordinator until he was forty, but some clues point to him never truly wanting the position.

He married at the age of nineteen, and his wife died in childbirth. He spent the next decade raising his son Martin before remarrying. Some informed sources indicate that Siriwan offered to step down on several occasions, but Hehiro only accepted after Martin turned twenty.

During his reign he showed that he was a skilled and convincing orator, a just arbiter, and an iron-willed leader who constantly strived for his ideals of perfection and sought the means to attain them.

He signed the Treaty of Vega in 2569, which made the Draconis Combine a member of Ian Cameron's Star League. In 2577, Hehiro backed the Star League on the issue of the Reunification War against the Periphery worlds, who rejected the Star League's offer of membership.

The twenty-year war that followed and despite some political pressure and significant casualties, the general populace threw its support behind their Coordinator.[2]

During his reign he tripled the size of the Household Guard.[3]

He died in an accident in 2591, when he tripped and fell down a long palace staircase, breaking his neck instantly. Witnesses confirm that no one else was near enough to have pushed him, completely ruling out the possibility of foul play. Hehiro's son Leonard was next in line.[3]


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