Heidi Schanks

Heidi Schanks

Heidi Schanks was a jounalist that worked for ISAP in 3068.[1]


When renegade AFFS forces from the Draconis March - the Second Robinson Rangers and the Sakhara Academy Training Battalion[2] with mercenary support from Gannon's Cannons[3], Beowulf Rangers, Donnel's Commandos, Piotrs Privateers and 227th David Hunters[4] launched an attack on Benjamin during the first week of December 3068. Rather than simply striking at the planet and leaving, the rogue units remained in place with the initial assault decimated the defending Sixth Ghost, she was embedded with the Sixth Ghost's Third Battalion when it was overrun and ISAP hoped she was being taken care by the AFFS.[1]


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