Heinrich Strasser

Heinrich Strasser
Affiliation Skye Tigers Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator

Heinrich Strasser was a MechWarrior fighting for the Skye Tigers Stables. [1] [2]

History & Tactics[edit]

Heinrich Strasser was a light 'Mech pilot fighting in Class Two circuit with the Skye Tigers in the early 3060s. When the tensions between Victor Vandergriff and Michael Searcy during the 3062 Grand Tournament exploded into rioting in the streets of Solaris City, Strasser joined the rest of his stable in the fighting against the House Davion stables. It was during this period that Strasser first encountered Rich Blane of the White Hand Stables, while Blane was trying to cool tensions and protect civilians by drawing the fighting away from hospitals and schools, Strasser saw the newly hired duelist as blocking his attempts at fame and glory, spawning a bitter rivalry.[1]

Following the conclusion of the riots, Strasser vowed to get even with Blane, seemingly getting his chance when he was booked for a fight against his rival in the Coliseum. Unfortunately Blane was piloting one of Innovative Design Concepts brand new Silver Foxes, with Strasser horrified to find the all-laser loadout of his Wolfhound rendered virtually ineffective by its Laser Reflective Armor. Though recognizing his only chance for victory was to close on Blane to execute physical attacks, Strasser was simply unable to get within melee range with his opponent in the wide-open expanses of the Coliseum, Blane using the superior speed of the Silver Fox to maintain his distance. Under a constant stream of Magshot and laser fire, Strasser ultimately went down in defeat.[1]

Later that year Strasser would face Sharon Wu of the Silver Dragons Stables in The Factory. Aware of Wu's Copperhead laser reflective armor, Strasser knew he had to close with his opponent as quickly as possible. Unfortunately even in the tighter confines of the Factory, Wu's Copperhead's supercharged engine gave her the edge in mobility and finally Strasser suffered another defeat.[2]


He piloted a Wolfhound.[2]


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