To quickly create a mercenary unit article that matches the format in use with other mercenary units:

1. Open the new article.

2. Paste the following code into the edit field:

| image               = 
| name                = 
| titles              = 
| founded             = 
| died out            = 
| affiliation         = 
| cadet lines         = 


==Known members of the family==

==Family Heirlooms and Holdings==

<references />


[[Category:Noble Houses|{{PAGENAME}}]]

3. Delete the image line from the code if you do not have a corresponding picture.

4. Replace the '???' from the other lines with the correct data.

5. Fill in the six sections (History, Known members of the family, Family Heirlooms and Holdings, References) to the best of your capability.

6. Click on the Show preview button and review your article for mistakes.

7. Write a brief memo in the Summary field.

8. Press the Save page button.

9. Bask in the pride of your article, with our thanks.