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This procedure page provides a step-by-step description of how to complete a task or a detailed explanation of a method of style employed on BattleTechWiki. Consider discussing potential changes on the talk page first.

To quickly create a canon Solar System/Planet article that matches the format in use with other canon articles:

1. Open the new article.

2. Paste the following code into the edit field:

| image = 
| starname = 
| startype = 
| starcoordsx = 
| starcoordsy = 
| distance = 
| numplanets = 
| time = ?.?? days
| recharge = 
| planet1=
| position1 = 
| planet1type = 
| gravity1 = ?.? G
| atm1 = 
| atm1comp = 
| moons1 = 
| lifeinfo1 = 
| comstar1 =

<references />



3. Delete the image line field from the code if you do not have a corresponding picture.

4. Fill in the star name, star type, coordinates, number of planets, time to Jump Point (up to two decimals) and the location of the recharging stations (nadir, zenith), if known. If unknown, leave the field blank.

5. For each notable planet, fill in the planet (the name), position (orbital), planet type, gravity, atmospheric pressure, atmospheric composition, percent AND level of native life, number (and names) of natural satellites and the ComStar facility class, if known. If unknown, leave blank.

6. For each notable planet after the first, copy the same relevant fields and change the number to the next successive (not orbital position) number, adding in information where known and leaving unknown fields blank.

7. As most other planet articles are already semi-developed, the infobox code will be placed at the top of the article and replicated sections are to be deleted. If a new article is being created, similar sections to add are: history, (system- or planet-specific), manufacturing centers (planet-specific), owner history (system-specific), nearby planets (system-specific), references and bibliography (both required).

8. Click on the Show preview button and review your article for mistakes.

9. Press the Save page button.

10. Bask in the pride of your article, with our thanks.