On BattleTechWiki, templates and tags are sometimes used interchangeably, though each does have specific and different functions. Feel free to correct the terminology when it is found incorrectly employed.


Templates serve various roles on BattleTechWiki:


Tags are a little less ambiguous, as the term specifically refers to the code that calls templates into action on a page. For example, to display a stub template:

Tag icon red.svg This Section looks to be a Stub
This section is a stub (i.e., in need of additional material). You can help us by expanding it.
Please remove this tag when that effort is complete.

...the tag {{sectionstub}} is placed at the location on which it is to be displayed. These tags can generally be found at central locations, such as Commonly used templates and Template Gallery, but can also be found on the template pages themselves (ex: Template:Sectionstub) or through the various template categories.