Hendrik Grimm II

Hendrik Grimm II Periphery.jpg
Hendrik Grimm II
Character Profile
Also known as "The Werewolf"
Died 3012 (implied; see text)
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Oberon Confederation
Profession LCAF Colonel
Pirate King
Children (at least one)

While Hendrik Grimm II is only referred to as Hendrik Grimm (not "Hendrik Grimm II") in the sources, the title is used here to differentiate him from both his grandson Hendrik Grimm III and the original (29th century) Hendrik Grimm I, both of whom are established to be different persons (see below). They were apparently all referred to as simply "Hendrik Grimm" in their respective time.

Hendrik Grimm (implicitly, Hendrik Grimm II given the timeline) was also called "the werewolf" on a Wanted poster from Rasalhague as of 2987.[1]

Character History[edit]

Hendrik Grimm was already wanted in the Draconis Combine for "numerous crimes of Murder, Rapine, Destruction of Personal Property, Arson, Grand Theft, Assault of Draconis Government Officials, Counterfeiting, Forgery, Piracy, and other crimes against the state too numerous to mention" as of 2987.[1]

In 3012 one "Colonel Hendrik Grimm", described as a former Lyran Commonwealth officer, made Oberon VI the homeworld of the Oberon Confederation. He subsequently conducted pirate raids against undefended targets as far as Rasalhague and Black Earth from there, gaining a brutal reputation for ruthlessness, routinely destroying all property his raiders couldn't carry off and savagely mistreating his enslaved prisoners.[2]

Having "created the Confederation as a mockery of a state" establishes Hendrik Grimm (II) as the grandfather of Hendrik Grimm III.[3]

It is worth noting that the Grimm family had been ruling Oberon VI since the 29th century, yet Hendrik II, a former Lyran Commonwealth officer, turned it into his pirate base only in 3012, after having previously been a notorious pirate (only) in Draconis Combine space. This loosely suggests he may have been operating against the Combine with a Lyran Letter of Marque prior to 3012 when he became a full pirate.

Hendrik Grimm III became ruler of the Oberon Confederation in 3012,[3] the same year in which his grandfather (Hendrik II) had founded the pirate realm.[2] This suggests that Hendrik Grimm II met his end, presumably violently, within a year of becoming the Oberon pirate king. The wording further suggests that the unnamed father of Hendrik III briefly ruled in the interim, as it was said that Hendrik III's grandfather founded the state and his "father simply continued the family business of brutality".[3]


  • The history of the Oberon Confederation and Hendrik Grimm is described across several sourcebooks. These seem to convolute different eras, however. The Confederation is sometimes described as formed in 3012 by one Hendrik Grimm whereas other sources tell the tale of the 29th century Hendrik Grimm, yet besides the different eras the descriptions of Hendrik Grimm and his actions as a pirate are almost identical in what is probably an oversight. The original descriptions were focused on Hendrik Grimm III and merely stated (without giving dates) that his grandfather founded the Oberon Confederation and his father continued the piracy business, suggesting they may have been meant to be Hendrik I and Hendrik II, respectively. The above conclusions assume that all available information including any dates given is correct, which results in Hendrik I and Hendrik II being near identical characters some two centuries apart: They were both former Lyran officers, were both said to have "founded" the Oberon Confederation (a state that had actually existed in one form or another since 2775, 65 years before the first Hendrik Grimm ever came there), and their physical description is similar.



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