Herat Massacre

The Herat Massacre took place on 2 March, 3058 on the planet Asuncion.

Dispatched to the world as part of efforts to quell secessionist activity in Zion Province, the First Atrean Dragoons faced much local resistance. After a squad of infantry was murdered in the capital Dragoon 'Mechs were deployed as tensions grew between the soldiers and locals, culminating in a mob overrunning the Dragoons' barracks outside of the city of Herat on the 2nd of March. When numerous warning shots from Dragoon 'Mechs failed to deter the rioters, two anxious MechWarriors opened fire on the crowd and killed over two hundred civilians.[1]

The First was quickly moved off-world in response to the public outrage. Though officially cleared of wrongdoing, the massacre continued to haunt the unit nine years later.[1][2]


In Field Manual: Updates the incident is misspelled as the "Heart Massacre".


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