Hevrol Aero Base Incident

The Hevrol Aero Base Incident was a Star League era political episode in the wake of the so-called "Birthday Proclamations".[1][2]


In 2755, future First Lord Richard Cameron issued what became known as the "Birthday Proclamations". As a reward for his personal friend Stefan Amaris' undying loyalty to First Lord and the Star League, as well as making Amaris a Knight of the Star League, the "Proclamations" ordered the withdrawal of all Star League Defense Force units from the borders of the Rim Worlds Republic.[1][2]

On Wotan, the 370th BattleMech Division, commanded by Major General Eliot Vanness, prepared to leave as instructed. However, Major General Vanness neglected to properly erase the data core of the Hevrol Aero Base when the 370th left. This let precious SLDF data fall into the hands of the Rim World military when the base was occupied.[1][2]

Upon discovery of this, Eliot Vanness was relieved of command and Major General Evelyn Dancy took over the 370th.[2]


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