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Hinsdale Electronics
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Headquarters: Dover
Leadership: CEO
Products: DropShips
Small Craft

Hinsdale Electronics is a Draconis Combine military contractor. They produce DropShips and other AeroSpace craft, as well as components used by other manufacturers. In particular they produce DropShip engines that are exported to other companies.[1]

During the Jihad, the Dover facility suffered no capital and personnel losses, and had a full production volume of 100% in 3079.[2]


Hinsdale Electric has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Dover:[3][1]
Component Type
Small Craft
Mark VII Landing Craft[citation needed] Small Craft
ST-46 Shuttle[citation needed] Small Craft
Condor[3][1] Dropship
Nagumo[1] Dropship
Rose[citation needed] Dropships
Taihou[1] Dropship
Interplanetary Drive - Small Craft
Entech 200c [citation needed]
Faxxen-70A [citation needed]
Interplanetary Drive - Dropships
Pitban 1350-XRB Condor[3]


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