Production information
Manufacturer Snow Raven Industrial Complex Alpha
Tech Base Clan
Introduced 3110
Technical specifications
Mass 8 tons
Chassis ProtoMech HIP
Armor ProtoMech Standard P-6Q
Engine 40 Fusion
Speed 54 km/h
Jump Jets 150 meters

2 x LRM 2

BV (2.0) 231[1][2]


The design development began just after the Jihad in the 3080s. The Hippogriff is a Clan Snow Raven design, which was created as part of their need for additional ground troops for their Touman. Made as a companion to the Gorgon, the Hippogriff was designed as a mobile light fire support unit. With Partial Wings, the Hippogriff is able to employ its improved mobility to get into position to help other troops.

It first saw combat in 3110[3], where it was deployed for the first time on Milligan's World. During a mercenary raid on the planet, the Hippogriff's abilities were able to help fend off the mercenaries' recon mission force allowing most of its infantry elements to escape. Over the course of the early thirty-second century it was shown that its light armaments were not enough against heavier units alone. However, employed properly, its appearance and mobility can help supplement other combat units effectively.[4]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Considered to be a Heavy ProtoMech, the design is lightly armed for its size. Its only weaponry are a pair of Type II Compact LRM 2 Launchers. The launchers, however, have 48 rounds of ammunition to draw from, allowing the Hippogriff to stay in a fight for a long period of time. The ProtoMech is well armored for its weight class, with 1,500 kg of armor protecting it. With its ProtoMech Partial Wings, the Hippogriff is able to jump upwards to 150 meters (in atmosphere) and benefits from the wings' cooling abilities.[5]


The Hippogriff has the following Design Quirk:


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