Historical Turning Points: Antallos

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Historical Turning Points: Antallos
Product information
Type Scenario Pack (PDF)
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Ben H. Rome (Project Development)
Primary writing Geoff Swift
Pages 26
Cover Artwork Ray Arrastia (Design & Layout)
Interior Artwork Jason Vargas (Evolved Faction Logos Design)
Ray Arrastia (Maps and Logos)
Johannes Heidler (Record Sheets)
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35TP010
First published October 17th, 2012
MSRP $4.95
Era FedCom Civil War
Timeline 3067
Series Historical Turning Points
Preceded by Historical Turning Points: Luzerne
Followed by Historical Turning Points: New Dallas


Historical Turning Points: Antallos is the PDF-Exclusive scenario pack that is based on the Chaos Campaign and Warchest systems.

Publisher's Description of Product[edit]

Rendered mostly barren through centuries of warfare, the world of Antallos is dotted with death zones, long-lost treasure troves of Star League technology, and city-states that once vied for rulership. The rise of Vance Rezak and his Band of the Damned stabilized the ancient pirate haven, creating a power base of terror along the Combine and Alliance borders.

Then came Clan Snow Raven. Their arrival sparked a war that pitted the recently-arrived Clan against dug-in pirates and their new Word of Blake allies. Short and brutal, the conflict forever altered the balance of power in the Periphery.

Historical Turning Points: Antallos looks at the pivotal conflict that removed an ancient pirate haven and ushered the Ravens to the Inner Sphere. Return to BattleTech's recent past, where pirates and Word of Blake Blakists fought together to keep a Clan from perching along the Inner Sphere's quietest border.

This campaign series uses the Chaos Campaign rules and gives players the option of fighting individual battles, following a campaign arc, or inserting it into their own campaigns. This PDF exclusive includes a detailed map of the planet of Antallos, a rundown of the forces involved in the conflict, and several tracks that players can use to recreate the entire violent conflict on Antallos. Only the players’ imaginations are the limits.



Unlike other sourcebooks, Historical Turning Points: Antallos lacks an explicit table of contents. The list shown here was assembled from page headings.