The Hive family of drone Aerospace Fighters were developed by the Word of Blake in the late 3050s. The Word had access to Smart Robotic Systems like those used on the Voidseeker and BlackWasp, and experimented with those systems on a few Trident test beds.[1] Once those tests were complete, the Word designed three craft as part of the Hive series. The first generation of these craft entered service with the Word in 3058[2], and they were refitted with updated armor and weaponry in the early 3070s. The three Hive fighters were designed to support each other in combat.

The Hive fighters were used extensively as part of the Word's defense of Terra.[3] The Naga-class SDS control ships carried thirty-six Hive fighters[4], and Tiamat-class Pocket WarShips often carried six heavy Aeshna fighters.[5]

The Hive family consists of three members:


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