Hjalmer Miraborg

Hjalmer Miraborg
Born 3105
Affiliation House Miraborg
Clan Ghost Bear
Profession Prince of the Rasalhague Dominion
Parents Anders Miraborg (father)

Hjalmer Miraborg (b. 3105[1] - d. 3.???) was a Star Captain within the Taiga Galaxy and then the fourth Prince of the Rasalhague Dominion.


Hjalmer was the only child of Anders Miraborg, and was enrolled in the sibko training program when his father became Prince in 3109. He excelled in his training to become a warrior, and was able to test out of his Trial of Position as a Star Captain and entered the ranks of the mixed Taiga Galaxy in which his father had also served.[1]

When the Motstånd rose up in 3125, his Cluster took part of one of the few battles between forces which defeated the Second Snapphanar on Predlitz.[1]

When the uprising was put down, Hjalmer resigned from the military and picked up politics like his father. He was able to successfully paint the current Prince, Jens Negaard, as being too lenient with the insurgents. With public opinion waning, the Dominion Council voted to remove Negaard and the people voted for Hjalmer to take the office.[1]

As Prince, he was able to gain admiration from both the Rasalhagian population and the population from Clan Ghost Bear due to his straightforward solutions to complicated issues.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Jens Negaard
Prince of the Rasalhague Dominion

Succeeded by


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