Hodson's Flier

Hodson's Flier.png
Hodson's Flier
(Carcharodon Hodsonensis)
Creature information
Type Fish
Homeworld New Olympia
Environment Subtropical seas
Average mass 1200 kg
Average length 420 cm
Average height 120 cm

The Hodson's Flier is a hardy, game fish that evolved on the planet New Olympia.[1][2]


Originally, considered a harmful pest that attacked cultivated fish stocks, they became the centerpiece of a thriving sport fishing industry on the New Olympia. From there, they have been exported to worlds with temperate saltwater oceans across the Inner Sphere.

While they can grow up to a length of 4 meters long and weigh more than a ton, the Hodson's Flier is a sleek and swift swimmer than can outrun all but the fastest fishing vessels. Plus, even with proper fishing equipment, catching a Hodson's Flier can be a dangerous task. The forward parts of their bodies are covered in protective scales and they have a lamprey-like mouth. Primarily, their diet consists of plankton and fish, but they have been known to attack large marine mammals as well as the occasional unwary fisherman and swimmers.

The origin of the creature's name can be traced to its ability to propel itself out of the water up to an altitude of 10 meters. The animal can then glide with its wing-fins above the surface of the water and appear to be "flying". This behavior is both a form of play for the intelligent animal as well as being a method of catching low flowing birds.[3][2]



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