Hohiro Kurita (31st c.)

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Hohiro Kurita II
Hohiro Kurita II
Died4 June 3104[4]
AffiliationHouse Kurita
Position(s)Coordinator of Worlds
ParentsTheodore Kurita (father)
Tomoe Sakade (mother)
SiblingsFranklin Sakamoto (half-brother)
Omiko Kurita
Minoru Kurita
SpouseFiona Kurita
ChildrenShinjiro Kurita[3]
Vincent Kurita[3]

Hohiro Kurita was the eldest son of Theodore Kurita and Tomoe Sakade. As the eldest scion of the head of House Kurita, he was the heir-designate of the Draconis Combine. He ruled the Combine from the time of his father's death during the Jihad until his own demise.


Early Life[edit]

Hohiro was named for his great-grandfather, Hohiro Kurita I.[citation needed]

Military career[edit]

Hohiro Kurita began his military career at the age of fifteen when he enrolled in the Sun Tzu School of Combat. Theodore believed it was important that he learn STSC's brand of combat that espouses cooperation between BattleMechs and conventional forces. After receiving that grounding, Hohiro went on to Sun Zhang Military Academy, from which he graduated with honors at the age of eighteen. After graduation, Hohiro was posted to the Sun Zhang Academy Cadre.[5][6]

Turtle Bay[edit]

Sho-sa Hohiro was stationed on Turtle Bay with the Fourteenth Legion of Vega when Clan Smoke Jaguar struck the Combine in 3050. Downed in his Grand Dragon, he was captured by the Jaguars on 30 March. The Jaguars held Kurita in Kurushiiyama, Pain Mountain, in Edo, a facility legendary for having only one escapee in the time the Internal Security Force ran it. That man, the yakuza oyabun of the Ryugawa-gumi, directed efforts to free Hohiro. Using escape tunnels built into the prison at the behest of the local yakuza, Hohiro was freed by Chu-i Shin Yodama on 7 May. In response, the Jaguars razed the city of Edo using orbital bombardment from the WarShip Sabre Cat.[5][7][8][9]


He was then posted with the elite Genyosha on Wolcott, renamed "Blue Devils" to fool the Smoke Jaguar forces into believing they faced a new, green unit. As the commander of the on-world forces, Hohiro and Shin Yodama were bait to trap the Jaguars. When Jaguar forces attacked Wolcott on 2 October, Hohiro negotiated with Galaxy Commander Dietr Osis to ensure the Clans would never again invade the world and would provide the Combine with OmniMechs and Elemental battle armor if the Combine force was victorious. The Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery defended Swamp Valley with two regiments. They hid their 'Mechs in the swamps by hanging metallic streamers and partially shutting down their heat dissipation systems. Waves of combat vehicles and pit traps softened up the Jaguars. When the 'Mechs of the Genyosha attacked, they also retreated to the cover of the swamp before the Jaguars could respond. Recognizing that he had been beaten, Osis pulled back and admitted his defeat. Kurita and Yodama could only marvel at the alien culture of the Clans when Osis begged for something they could not determine, then was killed by an Elemental.[5][10][11]


On 15 November, a member of Wolf's Dragoons penetrated the Palace of Obsidian and Jade in Imperial City on Luthien where Hohiro was staying with his family. Major Lilith Lang invited Gunji-no-Kanrei Theodore Kurita to Outreach. Given the bad blood between the Dragoons and House Kurita, Hohiro did not take the offer seriously, but his father accepted.[12]

Hohiro accompanied his father to the Outreach as part of the Combine's delegation along with his sister Omi and the commander of the Genyosha, Tai-sa Narimasa Asano. There, they met with Colonel Jaime Wolf and the leaders of the other Successor States beginning on 15 January 3051. Wolf announced that the Clans were the descendants of Aleksandr Kerensky's force returned and that the Dragoons were a reconnaissance force sent to scout the military forces of the Inner Sphere.[13]

On 5 February, Hohiro met with the other scions of the Great Houses with Shin Yodama, now acting as his aide, to take MechWarrior training from Mackenzie Wolf and Christian Kell. Once the trainers left the room, the nobles recognized explosives planted under the table. Believing that the bomb was part of an assassination plot, Hohiro and the other leaders began working to defuse the bomb before their rivalries, and the reticence of Sun-Tzu Liao, had them at each others throats. Hohiro and Victor Steiner-Davion were engaged in fisticuffs, earning the ire of their parents and Jaime Wolf. Later that day, they undertook a training regimen and simulated combat in which Hohiro's force defeated Victor's. After the day of training, Omi met Victor, who immediately took a liking to her. When Hohiro spotted the duo talking, he broke it up and forbade the heir to the Federated Commonwealth from speaking to his sister again. Over a month later, despite being ostensibly under Victor's command during a simulator battle, he continued to verbally snipe at the Davion heir. The divided lance was defeated by one under the command of Kai Allard-Liao.[14]

On 6 April, Hohiro was looking for Victor, believing that he was spending time with Omi in secret. Instead, he ran afoul of Kai. Kai accused Hohiro of being childish in his reluctance to work with Victor, forcing Hohiro to reconsider some of his actions. Hohiro returned the favor on 1 June during another training mission. After Sun-Tzu provoked a confrontation with Kai, Hohiro complimented Kai on his self-control and helped Kai come to a greater understanding of himself. The following day, Hohiro and Victor bonded over their protection of Kai from Sun-Tzu. Relenting to the undeniable attraction between Victor and Omi, Hohiro gave a tacit endorsement of their courtship. In August, Hohiro and the others were put through a Clan-style Trial of Position. He received the second-highest scored of any of the participants, for which Jaime Wolf gifted him a Daishi OmniMech. Before leaving Outreach, Hohiro all but abetted the budding relationship between Victor and Omi when he relayed word from Kai that the pair's attempt to remain on Outreach longer had been uncovered and Victor had to return straightaway.[15]


On Christmas Day 3051, Hohiro was in the command center on Luthien preparing for the joint Clan Smoke Jaguar-Clan Nova Cat invasion of the Combine capital when Jaime Wolf jumped in-system with the Dragoons and Kell Hounds to help the fight against the Clans.[16] During the Battle of Luthien, he served with the First Genyosha. He was credited with five kills. Following the battle in January 3052, Hohiro and Omi circulated amongst the soldiers who fought to protect the world, whether DCMS or mercenary, and thanked them on his way to report to his father about the state of the DCMS units.[8][17]


On Teniente on 18 January, following a Clan headhunter strike on the DCMS headquarters, he relieved the commanders of the Third and Eleventh Pesht Regulars who insisted on fighting in "the old ways" which were getting their forces slaughtered, and began a hit-and-run resistance. He sent an injured Shin Yodama back to Luthien along with the well-connected commanders to advocate for his methods and reinforcements. As there were no Combine units available to extract him, he was rescued by Victor and the newly-rebuilt Revenants (part of the Tenth Lyran Guards) in May, at the request of Omi.[5][18][19]


In 3054 Coordinator Takashi Kurita died and was succeeded by his son Theodore, Hohiro's father.[20]

Theodore promoted the commander of the Genyosha, Tai-sa Narimasa Asano, to his staff. On Asano's recommendation, Theodore installed Tai-sa Hohiro Kurita as the new commander of the First Genyosha, a unit he had been attached to as a liaison, in 3056.[21]

Marriage and children[edit]

It was in 3057 that Hohiro married Fiona, the eldest daughter of a prominent Luthien business family, in a private ceremony. The two had met earlier at a performance of the opera La Tromba di Guerra by Guratze, performed at the Imperial Opera on Luthien, and the marriage was kept secret; Fiona would become good friends with Hohiro's sister Omi, and the two evidently supported each other during the war with Clan Smoke Jaguar. The marriage was announced to the populace in 3079 when Hohiro's eldest son Shinjiro was already 22 years old.[22]

Striking Back[edit]

In early 3058, Hohiro accepted an invitation from ComStar Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht to participate in wargames on Tukayyid with Kai and Victor. Arriving in April, Hohiro led the First Genyosha along with Archon-Prince Victor's Davion Heavy Guards and Kai's First St. Ives Lancers against ComStar's Invader Galaxy, a military command designed as an opposing force using Clan tactics. Victor would later lead these four commands to Coventry to relieve the defenders there from a Clan Jade Falcon assault. Using the Clan honor against them, Victor had a Lyran officer who defeated the Falcons in a battle, Caradoc Trevena, offer them hegira, the right of a defeated opponent to leave the battlefield unmolested. Khan Marthe Pryde accepted, so Hohiro saw no combat on Coventry.[23]

The Jade Falcon Incursion showed the need for the Inner Sphere to unite and strike back at the Clans. With that goal in mind, Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion offered to host a conference on Tharkad, the Whitting Conference. Hohiro attended with the Combine delegation. At that meeting, the assembled leaders agreed to show the Clans that they could fight back militarily by destroying Clan Smoke Jaguar, which was to happen under the auspices of a reborn Star League, meant to strike a blow at the psyche of the Clans. A traitor from the Jaguars provided ComStar with the path to get to the Clan homeworlds, specifically Huntress, the Jaguars' capital.[24]

Hohiro led the First Genyosha during Operation Bulldog in 3059. During that campaign against Clan Smoke Jaguar, he participated in the liberation of Kiamba and Schuyler.[8][25]

On Kiamba, Hohiro commanded a task force that included the First Kestrel Grenadiers, Third Drakøns, and the Com Guard Eleventh Division. Facing off against the 362nd Assault Cluster, Hohiro had the Grenadiers and Drakøns defend Collins Ridge while the Genyosha and Com Guard unit pushed them into Hecate's Swamp. Not wanting to be stuck in the muck, the Jaguars quickly evacuated the wetlands in a disorganized manner. The Clan warriors were unable to move the heavy forces holding the high ground and were ultimately cut down in the open by the Genyosha.[26][25]

At the head of the First Genyosha, Hohiro dropped onto Schuyler alongside the Tenth Lyran Guards, Davion Heavy Guards RCT, First St. Ives Lancers, Fourth Wolf Guards Assault Cluster and the Com Guard Ninety-first Division - Victor Steiner-Davion's "Dream Team" - on 10 August 3059. The Genyosha nipped at the flank of the Fourth Jaguar Regulars while the Heavy Guards were on the other, allowing the Tenth Lyran Guards to attack the Regulars' center. What they did not realize was that a Jaguar Star fought a delaying action to allow the bulk of the Clan force to retreat.[27][28]

Clan Smoke Jaguar forces often either fought delaying actions or simply retreated from the Star League invasion across the Occupation Zone. The invasion leaders assumed the Jaguars would fall back to Huntress. Faced with the fact that Task Force Serpent was going to engage many more Jaguar warriors than they planned for, Victor decided to lead a second task force to assist them.[29] Hohiro accompanied Victor, wiping out the Jaguars on their capital world by 9 April 3060. He also accompanied Victor to Strana Mechty and participated in the Great Refusal. On 23 April, Hohiro's company from the Genyosha defeated a Binary of warriors from Clan Blood Spirit led by Khan Karianna Schmitt. They returned to Luthien on 15 March 3061.[8][30]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

In November, Hohiro again journeyed to Tharkad for the Second Whitting Conference as part of the Combine delegation.[31]

In December 3062, Hohiro was appointed the Commanding General of the Star League Defense Force after Victor resigned to lead the civil war against his sister.[32]

On 15 March 3064, Omi Kurita was assassinated on orders from Katherine Steiner-Davion to damage Victor's psyche. The Combine isolated itself to prevent word from getting to Victor. Hohiro attended the Fourth Whitting Conference on Marik as commander of the SLDF and heir to the Combine. When Victor showed up, it fell to Hohiro to inform his friend that his lover would not be present, though he kept away from Victor during the conference. Following the election of Christian Månsdottir to the position of first lord on 14 November, Hohiro remained in the hall to congratulate him. First Lord Månsdottir immediately asked Hohiro to stay on as commanding general, which he agreed to do. Katherine Steiner-Davion exclaimed that Victor's aide, Jerrard Cranston, was actually the thought-dead Galen Cox, a revelation to Hohiro. He and his father, however, could not stop Katherine from telling Victor that Omi was dead.[33][34]


In 3067, Hohiro traveled to Tharkad for the Fourth Whitting Conference, which began on 27 November. Though he accompanied his father, he did not arrive with him and attended in his own capacity as Commanding General of the SLDF.[35][36] The Star League failed a no-confidence vote and was disbanded.[37] In retribution, on 5 December, the Word of Blake fired on Tharkad with the LCS Invincible, which was to have been a gift to the Lyrans.[38] The Kurita delegation was safe, however, having left the day before. Hohiro released a statement promising retribution against anybody who attacked the Combine.[39]

The dissolution of the Star League also meant the SLDF was no more, and, therefore, had no need for a Commanding General.

The assault on Tharkad was one of the first attacks in the Word of Blake Jihad. A more pressing concern for the Kuritas, however, was a rebellion initiated by the Kokuryu-kai (Black Dragon Society) on 19 December.[40][41] Because Hohiro was absent from his command of the First Genyosha, Tai-sa Shih Chou commanded the unit during the Black Dragon Society's coup on Luthien.[42]

After leaving Tharkad, Hohiro traveled to Orestes. He was there on 28 January 3068 when Theodore suffered a stroke that sent the Coordinator into a coma.[43]

On 4 February 3068, the Word of Blake invaded Dieron.[43] In April, Hohiro led a DCMS task force there to liberate the world.[44] On 1 May, Hohiro declared the Draconis Combine to be in a state of emergency.[45]

On 18 June Hohiro was captured by the elite Blakist Venatori. The members of the Level II raided a major military base in a forest at twilight. The Venatori paraded Hohiro through the streets of Deber City and broadcast their triumph over the Combine's heir. Shortly after Hohiro's capture, the guerrillas surrendered to the Word of Blake. Hohiro was taken into ROM's custody in Fortress Dieron.[44][2][46][47]

Hohiro was a Blakist prisoner until 4 January 3069. In the early morning hours a DEST squad infiltrated Fortress Dieron. Once inside, they were assisted by a few remaining members of the Royal Black Watch who had also been captured. They sprung Hohiro and spirited him to New Samarkand,[48][2][49][50] where self-proclaimed Gunji-no-Kanrei Kiyomori Minamoto had temporarily moved the capital because of the fighting on Luthien.[51] Following his six-month imprisonment, Hohiro suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder.[2]


On 5 January 3070, Coordinator Theodore Kurita died. Hohiro succeeded his father to the Chrysanthemum Throne.[52][2] During the tumultuous Jihad, the members of the Kurita family moved frequently to avoid capture by the Blakists.[2] Hohiro had to deal with two different groups of vassals, the Azami and Clan Nova Cat.

The Azami were beset by natural disasters and no aid was forthcoming from the Combine. The Azami repeatedly asked for assistance, but were ignored by Minamoto.[53] They pulled the Arkab Legion back to Algedi.[54] On 12 November 3071, Hohiro ordered the Arkab Legions back to their post, or there would be consequences.[55] Rogue elements of the DCMS pursued them and fighting ensued.[56]

Clan Nova Cat had withdrawn to the Irece Prefecture following the dissolution of the Star League. With Devlin Stone's rise to prominence, they found a cause to throw themselves into. The Nova Cats wanted to defect to Stone's coalition.[57]

On 17 October 3073, Hohiro, then on Benjamin, agreed to meet with Precentor Martial Victor Steiner-Davion and Devlin Stone on Tukayyid. Hohiro did make the journey to Tukayyid in November and met with Stone, Duke Tancred Sandoval, Archon Peter Steiner-Davion, and other leaders from across the Inner Sphere. Hohiro agreed to support the coalition on the condition that Stone refuse half of Clan Nova Cat. The Cats did not wish to agree to those terms, so Stone fought them in a Trial of Refusal, which he and forces under his command won.[57][58]

Hohiro revealed that he was married to Lady Fiona Kurita on 25 May 3079 from New Samarkand. Hohiro also released that he and Fiona had two sons, Shinjiro and Vincent, at the same time, citing both family tradition and security concerns for concealing the existence of his wife and children until 3079. Given that Shinjiro was 22 years old at this point, Hohiro had been concealing details of his marriage for more than two decades.[59] It was commented on at the time that the situation was reminiscent of when Hohiro's father Theodore presented his family to then-Coordinator Takashi Kurita more than sixty years before. When Hohiro presented his family to the assembled cultural and political figures and the media he was accompanied by the Keeper of House Honor, in this case his cousin, Miyako, and Lady Mara Selencia, Abbess of the Order of Five Pillars.[22]

Devlin Stone negotiated with Hohiro and the other leaders of the various factions who had contributed troops to the coalition up to the liberation of Terra during Operation SCOUR to retain the planetary garrisons loaned to the coalition after the cessation of combat operations. As a result, on 1 July 3079 Hohiro recalled all of the DCMS units deployed within the former Word of Blake Protectorate to Combine space, but left all of the planetary militias contributed to the war effort in place on the recently liberated worlds.[59]

Hohiro formally recognized the existence of the Republic of the Sphere as a nation on 1 May 3081, broadcasting an address to the people of the Combine from the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy on New Samarkand. He also stated that the bushido code would be honored, ensuring that those DCMS troops honor-bound to Stone would be allowed to join the Republic Armed Forces, retaining the equipment issued to them by the Combine. The carefully worded announcement included details of a number of worlds being ceded to the Republic from the Dieron Military District and Benjamin Military District but made it clear that any allegations of secret deals between the Combine and the Republic over these worlds was an insult to the Dragon's honor. He also warned that while he wished the new Republic well, the successors to the ancient Terran Hegemony could only succeed by respecting both the integrity and sovereignty of their neighbor states.[60]

Hohiro's son Vincent married Lady Ramiko Nishimura in a private ceremony on the planet of Kirei Na Niwa on 12 May 3081. The wedding was held on the estate of Ramiko's father and was attended by a number of family members from both sides of the family; Ramiko was attended by her sisters Yukio and Akiko, while Vincent was accompanied by his brother Shinjiro and his cousin Kitsune.[61]

While Hohiro did not attend the wedding, he did provide the simple traditional garment Vincent wore during the ceremony. The media speculated after the wedding that his Hohiro was unhappy with his elder son Shinjiro because of Shinjiro's determination to concentrate on his military career, rather than settling down with a wife, in contrast with Vincent. Naturally, the Dragon has not commented on this speculation to date.[61]

Republic Era[edit]

Following the end of the Jihad, Coordinator Hohiro continued to have those loyal to him eliminate members of the Black Dragon Society. Due to the weakness of the DCMS, Hohiro did not seek conquest, though he did not prohibit raiding.[62]


Early in his career, Hohiro piloted a Grand Dragon.[63] After that 'Mech was shot out from under him, Hohiro piloted a Trebuchet on Wolcott.[64] Later, he used a Daishi awarded to him by Jaime Wolf on Outreach;[65] he piloted the Daishi Hohiro when he was captured on Dieron in 3068. The 'Mech had its legs cut out from under it and Hohiro surrendered.[66]



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