Corporation Profile
Founding Year ca. 2480
Headquarters: Emris IV (Ivanograd), Terra (Kuala Lumpur)
Products: Missiles
Parent Corporation StarCorps Industries

Manufactured by StarCorps Industries' Holly Industries division, Holly is a common brand of BattleMech-scale Missile launchers in use throughout the Inner Sphere.


Dating as far back as the twenty-fifth century in the so-called Age of War, Lockenburg-Holly Industries of Emris IV was a manufacturer servicing the Free Worlds League Military. As the FWLM expanded into the BattleMech age, the League's high command realised that it needed to fill a variety of roles including fire support, something Lockenburg-Holly believed it could fulfil. As with many manufacturer of the time, its chief engineer responded by taking inspiration from the Terran Hegemony's own successful fire support 'Mech, the Archer, scaling it up by fifteen tons while moving its missile launchers to the arms for much wider firing arcs, producing the iconic Longbow. The success of Lockenburg-Holly Industries' design, becoming one of the Free Worlds League's longest enduring 'Mechs, would secure its future and as expanded trade polices under the newly formed Star League the company would merge with a number of other League, Terran and Capellan Confederation interests to form StarCorps Industries, one of the first truly Inner Sphere-wide corporations.[1]

Because of its patented smooth running pneumatic ammunition-feed system it was viewed as the most reliable manufacturer on the market.[2] This reputation was damaged slightly with the 2676 release of the ASN-21 Assassin which suffered from chronic jamming when exposed to a high heat curve. This was resolved in 2815 under pressure from corporate, who even footed the bill for the recalls.[3][4]

During the late Star League era the Holly Industries and StarCorps factories on Emris IV kept to House Marik's anti-Star League mandate and refused to allow the "foreign" Star League Defense Force direct access to replacement 'Mechs, parts or munitions. The Sixty-seventh BattleMech Division garrisoned on Emris IV and charged with defending these factories from bandit forces most felt the sting of these restrictions, resulting in some members of the Sixty-seventh stealing missile shipments from the Holly factory at Ivanograd to cover ammunition shortages for several years before being caught and court-martialled in 2763, shattering whatever goodwill the division had earned from the populace for preventing any pirate attacks.[5]

During the Clan Invasion era StarCorps and Holly Industries saw a massive upswing in demand for their products along with additional funds and LosTech to rebuild long moribund production lines. Following the Word of Blake seizure of Terra the output of the Terran Holly Industries plant increasingly fed the rapid expansion of the Word of Blake Militia, with the Emris IV plant at Ivanograd taking up the shortfall in exports from Terra.[6]

With Holly's Kuala Lumpur based production lines having suffered damage as part of Operation SCOUR during the Word of Blake Jihad, as Devlin Stone attempted to mollify Terran based manufacturers seeking to raise lawsuits with the new Republic of the Sphere over lost profits in 3085, a closed door deal was reached whereby the Republic poured funds into the reconstruction of the line to create much-needed jobs as well as StarCorps agreement to create a Light Fusion Engine version of the PlasmaStar 375 Extra Light Engine to be used on the new Prefect BattleMech.[7][8]

Components Produced[edit]



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