Hollyann Kardaan

Hollyann Kardaan
Born3041[1] (See Note for issues with date)
AffiliationClan Cloud Cobra
RankKhan of Clan Cloud Cobra

Hollyann Kardaan served as Khan of Clan Cloud Cobra during the final year of the Wars of Reaving and its aftermath. Her tenure resulted in the Cloud Cobras becoming the second-most powerful of the Home Clans by 3090.


Hollyann Kardaan's early career was marked by the two accomplishments of being the youngest Clan warrior ever to command a WarShip and the youngest Star Admiral in Cloud Cobra history. Her diverse range of naval tactics won for the Cobras a series of victories which gave Kardaan the status of a ristar among her fellow warriors.[1]

Shortly after the Battle of Tukayyid, she successfully countered a Clan Smoke Jaguar trial above Tanis, leading the CCS Incense against a three vessel flotilla. The 10 minute engagement ended with a request of hegira and the capture of a Fredasa- class corvette (see Perdition's Flame or Hell Fury, as it is unclear which was captured). By 3061, Star Admiral Kardaan commanded the Alpha Naval Reserve and the respect of Bloodhouse Kardaan's leader, Star Admiral Tor Kardaan.[2]

During the Cloud Cobra assault upon the rebellious Tanite Worlds in late 3073, Star Admiral Kardaan oversaw the fighting retreat of her Clan's forces after they were repulsed by the Bandit Caste defenders.[3] With Khan Din Steiner missing in action, presumed killed, during the fighting, the Cobras elected Kardaan as their new Khan in 3074.[1]

In subsequent years Kardaan proved herself a quietly shrewd politician whose actions enabled the Cloud Cobras to recover their strength after the devastation of the Wars of Reaving. When the Grand Council assembled in late July 3075 to plan a new invasion of the Inner Sphere, it was Kardaan who motioned for the Annihilation of Clan Steel Viper after ilKhan Brett Andrews blatantly violated Clan law in murdering an unarmed Khan Stanislov N'Buta. While the Cobras lost three-quarters of their naval and aerospace assets in the ensuing Viper Annihilation, the Clan still managed to emerge from the Wars of Reaving as one of the more powerful in the Homeworlds.[4] [5]

A few years after the Wars of Reaving, Kardaan managed to ensure the downfall of another strong rival. Clan Goliath Scorpion's scientists were exposed by her warriors as having mixed genetic samples from Eridani Light Horse soldiers with those of the Scorpion warriors; Kardaan used this evidence to convince the Grand Council to Abjure the Goliath Scorpions. With their departure from the Clan Homeworlds in 3079, Clan Cloud Cobra was left as the second most powerful Clan, one growing throughout the 3080s in military strength and political influence.[1][5][6]


Hollyann Kardaan's given date of decanting in 3041 is likely in error as she was noted as the victor in a Warship trial against the Smoke Jaguars ca. 3052. While the age of 11 would be in line with her noted "youngest Warship commander and Star Admiral in Cloud Cobra history", it is more likely that the date given in Wars of Reaving was in error by a decade or more.


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