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Holt nearby systems
Holt nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -49.375 : -102.928[e]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary History[edit]

Star League Era[edit]

Holt was one of some fifty-one heavily contested worlds to have been placed under Terran Hegemony authority as a jointly-administered world during the Age of War or Star League era. During the First Succession War Holt once more became a flashpoint between the Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation.[9]

Third Succession War[edit]

In 2967, the Battle of Holt (2967) saw one of the Kearny Highlander regiments defending against the Free Worlds League.

In 3018 Holt was raided by the mercenary unit Snord's Irregulars. The Irregulars were conducting Operation JUNK YARD DOG, a campaign of deep raids against the Free Worlds League, with the intention of recovering items from the Irregulars' museum on Clinton that had been captured by League forces in late 3017. Having recently raided the world of Nestor, the Irregulars had jumped to Holt while the Free Worlds League Military attempted to enforce blockades on the Irregulars' most likely path back to the Lyran Commonwealth. The Irregulars had information indicating that items from their collection - including recordings collected by Rhonda Snord of the twentieth century musician Elvis Presley - were being held on Holt. Making planetfall in mid-April, the Irregulars launched an attack on a BattleMech repair depot located close to the Great Swamp in the Feathered Plains region, clashing with Rainbow Company of the Twenty-seventh Marik Militia.[10]

Following the battle at the 'Mech repair facility the Irregulars launched an assault on the estate of the planetary governor, Jason Marik-Torrenson, hoping to capture Marik-Torrenson - third cousin to Captain-General Janos Marik and use him as leverage to get through the blockade. Tangling again with the Twenty-seventh Marik Militia, the Irregulars successfully captured Marik-Torrenson, with Cranston Snord defeating Marik-Torrenson's Marauder in single combat.[10]

Planetary Rulers[edit]


Military Deployment[edit]




  • Tenth Atrean Dragoons[13]




  • Sixth Marik Militia[15]


  • Sixth Marik Militia[16]


Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 52 systems (49 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Bonaire 8.4 Pavia 18.7 Ling 18.9 Park Place 21.5
Abadan 22.1 Avellaneda 22.3 Gomeisa 24.1 Sorunda 25.4
Hamilton 25.6 Augustine 26.7 Ibstock 28.4 Bernardo 29.4
St. Gall 29.7 McKenna 33.9 Myrvoll 34.8 Elbing 36.1
Pliska 37.3 Second Chance 37.8 Ohrensen 38.1 Lungdo 38.3
New Delos 39.4 Blue Sava 39.5 Sarkel 40.8 Marik 41.0
Kristiandsund 44.6 Jilin 44.8 Nova Roma 45.9 Ilmachna 46.4
Irian 46.6 Oceana 47.3 Berenson 47.8 Miaplacidus 47.9
Fuentes 48.5 Kievanur 49.9 Harsefeld 50.2 Asellus Australis 51.8
Shui-pào 52.1 Acubens 52.3 Angell 52.4 Alphard 53.4
Asellus Borealis 53.5 Kyrkbacken 53.5 Ramen 54.4 Belluevue 54.5
Asuncion 54.6 Ventabren 56.5 Wasat 56.6 Nathan 56.7
Menkalinan 59.0 Vanra 60.3 Grobin 60.3 Sophie's World 60.6


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