Home Clans

Home Clans, or Home Clan, was a term or designation used mostly to denote a Clan that was not directly involved with the invasion of the Inner Sphere, Operation Revival.

Historical Overview[edit]

Not to be confused with Clan Ice Hellion Khan Asa Taney's Home Clan Coalition formed during the 3050's, the term Home Clan would come to take on deeper shades of meaning in the years after the Great Refusal. That event marked the beginning of a shift in ideology amongst the Clans left in the Homeworlds away from Crusader and Warden politics. In their place were feelings of distrust and contempt for the Invading Clans.[1]

As the Wars of Reaving swept through the Clan Homeworlds, the Clans who identified themselves as Home Clans often felt that they had held to the true Way of the Clans, while the Invader Clans had lost that way. By the end of the Wars of Reaving, all of the Invader Clans had been Abjured from Clan Society. Their residual taint was burnt from the flesh of the Home Clans' beings through the purification processes of total war, and replaced by a renewed belief in the Clan Way.[2][3][4]

As of 3090, new political philosophies had taken root in the Clan Homeworlds, inspired by the writings of the fallen Clan Star Adder Khan Stanislov N'Buta. Both ideologies were born as a reaction to and in direct opposition of the strife and politics of the previous era. Since the Wars of Reaving, Clan politics had profoundly shifted away from the older internal Crusader-Warden conflicts that led up to Operation Revival. The warriors of the Clan Homeworlds felt that the Invading Clans' philosophies and politics were irredeemably tainted by their contact with the Inner Sphere, strong Clans that were weakened and rotted from the inside out. The first of these new groups was called the Bastions. This new political movement espoused the need for the Clans to be pure of spirit, and to live by the Honor Road in order to overcome the Inner Sphere in any renewed invasion. The Bastions movement would also generate its own offshoot with which to contend. Called the Aggressors, they tend to be younger generation warriors who possess a much more straightforward (and brutal) approach to the future renewed invasion, inspired by the style of warfare that had wrought so much destruction in the Homeworlds during the previous decades.[5]

Home Clans by Era[edit]

Listing of Home Clans as of 3052.[6]

Listing of Home Clans as of 3075.[7]

Listing of Home Clans as of 3090.[8]

  • Clan Cloud Cobra
  • Clan Coyote
  • Clan Star Adder
  • Clan Stone Lion


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