Home Guard (Wolf's Dragoons)

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Home Guard
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Wolf's Dragoons


Formed after the Battle of Misery and the Fourth Succession War from troops transferred out of all of the Dragoons' front-line units as well as the Fire Support Group and Support Battalion.[1] The Home Guard were subordinate to the Outreach Command[2] and were permanently stationed on Outreach.

Elements of the Home Guard were among the first to declare loyalty to Jaime Wolf during the Dragoon Civil War. Indeed it was Home Guard infantry that facilitated Wolf's escape from Harlech.[3] This loyalty was not seen across the Home Guard as an entire unit. When Wolf joined Lieutenant Colonel Joe Garcia's command it sparked the desertion of the Tenth and Twelfth Brigades as well as Viking Company; estimated at a quarter of the BattleMech forces available to the Guards[4]; the 643rd Home Guard Infantry had also sided against Wolf.[5] The Home Guard units formed the main battle line of Jaime Wolf's forces. The Twelfth and Fourteenth Armored had faced off against Beta Regiment taking heavy damage,[6] other units were routed as the fighting drew on.[7] The Home Guard loyal to Alpin Wolf appeared not to have been deployed in combat.

Transfers of personnel in the 3060s to bolster the front line regiments had reduced the size of this force to half by 3067.[8] In October 3067, while the Home Guard was at its weakest, a force of four mercenary regiments led by Colonel Wayne Waco launched a surprise attack on Harlech, the capital city of Outreach. The Home Guard was supported by Beta and Epsilon regiments as well as by Zeta and the Wolf Spider Battalions. The fighting was intense, lasting over a week and resulted in the destruction of the Home Guard, the leveling of the city and the death of Jaime Wolf.[9]

The first action in the assault on Harlech was a predawn explosion at the Home Guard compound killing hundreds of guardsmen that had been mustering due to an unspecified security alert. Further airstrikes and attacks targeted other Home Guard compounds prior to the mercenaries 'Mech assault. The remaining Home Guard acted quickly and bought enough time for Beta and Epsilon regiments to mobilize from the continent of Remus. Jaime Wolf took command of the entire Dragoon force, but seems to have personally led the Home Guard during the fighting.[10]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Home Guard
Colonel Jeremy Ellman [11]
Colonel Jason Carmody 3054[12]
Major Donovan Lewis 3055


The Home Guard was a combined training and defense unit structured in the Clan fashion of combining older officers and younger soldiers still in sibko training.[2]

After the Clan Invasion and the front line regiments deploying Elementals the Home Guard made extensive use of OmniVehicles such as the Badger and Bandit to transport its infantry.[13]

Composition History[edit]




Home Guard

  • Regular 'Mech Battalion
    • Alpha Guards (12 BattleMechs)
    • Beta Guards (12 BattleMechs)
    • Gamma Guards (12 BattleMechs)
  • Four armor (provisional) brigades (each with 3 "Home" battalions of 48 vehicles)
  • Ten infantry (provisional) brigades


Home Guard

  • Regular 'Mech Battalion
  • Four veteran expanded armor regiments
  • Ten veteran expanded infantry regiments


Home Guard

  • Regular 'Mech Battalion
  • Two veteran armor regiments
  • Five veteran infantry regiments


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