Homecoming (2004)

This article is about the intro fiction for the 2004 AeroTech 2 Revised Edition rulebook. For the story from the 2011 antology, see Legacy (Anthology)#Homecoming.
Story information
Author Chris Hartford
Pages 2
Type Short story
Product AeroTech 2 Revised Edition
Era Jihad era
Timeline 25 October 3068

Homecoming is the title of the intro fiction pieces for the 2004 AeroTech 2 Revised Edition rulebook.

Plot Summary[edit]

Suborned by the Word of Blake, the DropShip Divine Providence deploys (at least) two Shiva aerospace fighters in low orbit over Atreus, one of them piloted by protagonist Jase. The fighters proceed to a parade flyby where they deploy colored smoke from their bomb bays, intermixed with a deadly chemical weapon, in a sneak attack against the assembled dignitaries and the parading Knights of the Inner Sphere.

Knight William Anderson in his JagerMech realizes that something is wrong when spectators collapse and the Shivas turn around for another pass. On instinct he opens fire and manages to destroy one of the fighters, before the toxic agent enters his 'Mech cockpit and implicitly kills him.

In the aftermath of the attack, the Divine Providence is run down and destroyed by the WarShip Acari.


  • The story is undated and has no epigraph. However, other sources establish the date of this attack as 25 October 3068.