Honor Code: Stories of the Draconis Combine

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Honor Code: Stories of the Draconis Combine is a collection of BattleTech short stories from various authors. BattleCorps solicited the anthology to celebrate the print release of the long-awaited Handbook: House Kurita at the 2015 GenCon. The individual stories are (in order of electronic publication via BattleCorps):

  1. The Face of the Enemy, by Philip A. Lee (18 May 2015)
  2. Broken Brotherhood, by Christopher Hussey (04 June 2015)
  3. Harvest of Deception, by Kevin Killiany (19 June 2015)
  4. A Moment of Honesty, by Jason Hansa (04 July 2015)
  5. Karma, by Chris Hartford (17 July 2015)
  6. A Warrior's Fear, by Craig A. Reed (13 August 2015)
  7. Lady of Steel, by Alan Brundage (31 August 2015)
  8. Risk of Honor, by David G. Martin (15 September 2015)
  9. Family Honor, by Dylan Birtolo (27 September 2015)