Honor Road

The Honor Road is a Clan term and concept that encompasses all aspects of what it means to be a proper Clan warrior.[1]


The Honor Road was said to be based on the code of Bushido, and comparable mainly to ideals espoused by the Draconis Combine or the Knights of the Inner Sphere. Personal honor, both on and off the battlefield, form much of the ideal, and would later come to include many of the Clans' beliefs and practices, such as zellbrigen.[1]

The Honor Road is cited as a means by which the dishonor and destruction of the Pentagon Civil War would not be repeated by the Clans. The roots of this concept are often traced to the death of Andery Kerensky, during an ambush on Eden towards the end of that conflict. But the childhood and adolescence of Nicholas Kerensky on Terra during the Amaris Crisis is also said to have played a major role in the Founder's thinking with regard to the place of honor within the violence that seemed so endemic of existence.[1][2]

Warriors, or sometimes entire Clans, that committed actions considered beyond the pale - such as slaughter of civilians or rampant destruction of infrastructure or resources - were said to have abandoned the Honor Road, such as when Clan Snow Raven destroyed Galedon V during the opening years of the Jihad in 3069.[3]


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