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System Information
X:Y Coordinates155.349 : -354.979[e]

The Horsham system was home to at least one habitable world and as of 3145 was located in the Taygeta Operational Area of the Capellan March within the Federated Suns.[1][2]

System Description[edit]

The Horsham system is located near the Mendham and Non Diz systems.[3][4] The Horsham system has at least five planets, and prior to the Reunification War, Horsham was home to a massive shipyard complex, the Horsham Nadir Shipyards located at the nadir jump point, while more shipyards orbited the primary world. The space-based shipyards, including the Horsham Nadir Shipyards, were all destroyed or rendered useless during the battle for control of the system in 2582 fought between the Taurian Defense Force and the Star League Defense Force, with many of the installations being deliberately destroyed by the TDF to prevent their capture.[5]

System History[edit]

The Horsham system was colonized or absorbed by the Taurian Concordat at some point before the Age of War.[6]

Political Affiliation[edit]



Planetary History[edit]

The Reunification War[edit]

Following the destructive battles at Robsart and Flintoft in 2581 that broke the back of the Taurian Defense Force navy, Horsham was the last major Taurian system to have functioning shipyards outside of the Hyades Cluster, and a key target for the SLDF to capture if the Star League was to be able to attach the heart of the Concordat. Following a month of covert information gathering the SLDF launched a major offensive against Horsham in February 2582, beginning with a massed assault by the Second Fleet under the command of Admiral Cassius Bekatorou. The Second Fleet's plan was simple; having identified the major concentrations of Taurian naval activity, Bekatorou intended to smash the defending forces and capture or destroy the shipyards, which were primarily producing JumpShips and DropShips for the TDF, including the notorious Taurian fireships. Three Taurian WarShips were on station guarding the Horsham Nadir Shipyards, while another three were operating as a squadron hidden behind Horsham V; Bekatorou had his heavy WarShips target the Taurian WarShips and more than two score DropShips in or near the shipyards, while a regiment of aerospace fighters swept the nadir jump point clear of fireships and DropShips. SLDF marines attacked the shipyards in a two-day battle, but the Taurian defenders put up a fierce defense, destroying or sabotaging the slips and production facilities rather than letting the SLDF capture them, leaving the shipyard little more than a useless empty shell.[5]

Bekatorou cleared the bulk of the system with his WarShips, destroying the defending DropShips and fireships at the zenith jump point and the hidden WarShip squadron, before launching a month-long siege of Horsham itself, destroying any Taurian ships that approached and launching aerospace attacks against the defenders to keep the garrisons pinned down. SLDF marines attempted to capture the orbital shipyards, but once again the defenders deliberately destroyed facilities where possible, rather than allowing them to be captured. In April, the Striker Brigade of XI Corps arrived under the command of Lieutenant General Isaac Decose and dropped onto Horsham, supported by Bekatorou's fighters. The nighttime attacks scattered the defenders from their bases, and the SLDF followed up by concentrating attacks on industrial complexes one after another, beginning with those producing DropShips, spacecraft or armaments, while the fighters kept the garrison pinned in place. Decose's forces captured almost two dozen production sites, as well as thousands of Taurian soldiers and workers. The campaign stretched out for four months until only three major pockets of resistance were left active in August; Decose gathered his forces and targeted each of these in turn with a combination of heavy advances on the ground and airdrops. The last major battle was the assault on Little Mystic Mountain, fought between the 29th of August and the 1st of September.[5]

The Jihad[edit]

The Taurian Concordat invaded Horsham in January 3075;[43][44] Horsham was one of a number of worlds attacked as part of an invasion of the Federated Suns after evidence implicated the Federated Suns as being responsible for the asteroid bombardment of Taurus in 3074.[44][51] The wave of Taurian attacks in January 3075 targeted Brusett, Horsham and Robsart, and both Robsart and Horsham fell quickly; the Taurian forces were defeated on Brusett.[43][44]

Military Deployment[edit]

2578 - 2582[edit]




  • Second Syrtis Fusiliers[55]


  • Second Syrtis Fusiliers[55]



  • First Capellan Dragoons[57]


- At this point in time, the Taurian Guards were deployed across Horsham and Robsart. The Taurian Guards was at 60% of full strength.

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Little Mystic Mount: the site of the last major battle for Horsham during the Reunification War.[5]

Companies and Industries[edit]

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Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 64 systems (61 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Mendham 12.6 Non Diz 16.4 Merlin 17.7 Maldive 19.8
Yuris 21.2 Robsart 21.4 Daol 21.5 Bromhead 22.9
Corodiz 28.0 Rollis 28.9 Shaunavon 31.9 Lochmantle 32.2
Weitinger 32.3 Wrentham 33.2 Frazer 33.8 Midale 34.9
MacLeod's Land 35.2 Jansen's Hold 36.9 Zanzibar 37.0 Laconis 38.1
Pinard 39.1 Kern 41.2 New Vallis 41.9 Flintoft 42.2
Parian 42.3 Bergtatt 43.1 Brisbane 43.8 Alexandria 44.5
Carmichael 44.6 Diefenbaker 45.0 Jacson 45.5 Courcellete 46.3
Ishtar 46.5 Landmark 46.8 Samantha 47.1 Ashley 47.5
Glentworth 47.5 New Ganymede 47.7 Gardnaus 48.1 Hyades Cluster 49.9
Menion 50.6 New Vandenburg 50.7 Taurus 51.0 Abruzzi 51.0
Jamestown 51.3 Lindsay 51.4 Desolate Plains 52.0 Sindalin 53.1
Larsha 53.2 Mandaree 53.4 Sirdar 53.5 Mitchel 53.6
Kazu 55.0 Muridox 55.9 Cotocallao 56.3 Ina 56.7
Megaris 57.6 Ridgebrook 58.0 Pentvar 58.8 Valdives 58.9
Zangul 59.3 Brinton 60.2 Hè-shì 60.9 Yongd 62.4


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