Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Congress-D


The FSS Hotspur was a Congress-D-class frigate in service with the navy of the Federated Suns during the Star League era. One of six Congress-Ds in service with the Federated Suns navy in 2765, the Hotspur was unusual in that it was serving as the flagship of the Federated Suns' Rimward Fleet. Serving as the flagship of Admiral Tamborine Davion, the Hotspur was leading a fleet that consisted of two Robinson II-class transports, three Baron-class destroyers, three Davion II-class destroyers, two Vincent Mk. 39-class corvettes and two other Congress-Ds. In contrast to the other three Fleets, the Rimward Fleet - also sometimes referred to as the Periphery Fleet - was geared towards independent patrolling and therefore lacked the Aegis-class heavy cruisers and New Syrtis-class carriers found in the other fleets.[1]


  • It was noted by the author of Field Report: Federated Suns 2765 that the name of the Hotspur was a nod to former vessels of the British Royal Navy and to a BattleTech Fan Council game in which the Federated Suns players had discovered a derelict Congress-class WarShip named the Hotspur:[2]
I had an absolute blast writing this product. It was something like mixing a walk down memory lane with an archeological dig into the lost past.

Hotspur- Yes, this is a nod to the old British HMS ships of the same name. It is also a nod to this forum and the dedicated fans. The last incarnation of the Fan Council game had the Davions finding a derelict Congress, which had been lost in the Star League. It was the Hotspur. So a tip of the hat to all of you.

  — Welshman, BattleTech Developer, 26 Feb 2014
  • In the first edition of Field Report: Federated Suns 2765 the FSS Hotspur was misspelled as the FSS Hostspur.


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