Hour of the Wolf

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Hour of the Wolf
Product information
Type Novel
Author Blaine Lee Pardoe
Pages 388 (Print edition)
Cover Artwork Marco Mazzoni
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35831
First published 1 January 2021
ISBN-10 1947335693
ISBN-13 978-1947335691
Era ilClan era
Timeline 1 January – 25 May 3151

Hour of the Wolf, by Blaine Lee Pardoe, is the novel that transitioned the BattleTech setting from the Dark Age era to the IlClan era, narrating the conquest of Terra by Clans Wolf and Jade Falcon and its immediate aftermath.

The front page shows the duel between Anastasia Kerensky and Malvina Hazen.

The novel was initially set to be published in August 2020, but was rescheduled to 1 January 2021 and on that day was published in both electronic and Print-on-demand (PoD) format. For the purpose of this article, the physical PoD edition is the lead product.

From the Back Cover[edit]


Since the Clan invasion of 3050 ended in failure, there have been those who have not forgotten Nicholas Kerensky's ultimate goal: The conquering of Terra, and the rise of one Clan above all others…to become the ilClan, and rule over both the rest of the Clans and the Inner Sphere…regardless of what the Great Houses may say about it…


Now, in 3151, two Clans make the final jump into the shattered remains of the Republic of the Sphere. Their target: the cradle of humankind…and the ultimate symbol of the Inner Sphere…Terra. But Clans Jade Falcon and Wolf will face a powerful, tenacious enemy in the remaining forces of the Republic, led by their resurrected leader, Devlin Stone. The impending battle will engulf the entire planet, and when it is over, only one shall stand supreme…

Plot Summary[edit]

The Clans' manifest destiny is at hand. First ilKhan of the Clans, their founder Nicholas Kerensky decreed in his journals that the Clans' collective long term goal is to reestablish the Star League under the control of the Clan that has shown itself to be the strongest. After the passing of centuries, after nearly 100 years since the failure of Operation REVIVAL, two clans have arrived at Terra. The Republic of the Sphere's "impenetrable" Fortress hyperspace shield has faltered, allowing Clan Wolf to arrive with Clan Jade Falcon hot on their heels.

While battling the desperate Republic of the Sphere forces led by their elder statesman and founder, Devlin Stone, the two Clans commence the battle for Terra in a Trial of Possession to become ilClan.

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