House Arano (The Aurigan Coalition)

House Arano
The Aurigan Coalition
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Paul Sjardijn
Ray Arrastia
Primary writing Andrew McIntosh
Kiva Maginn
Pages 77
Interior Artwork David Allen Kerber (Layout & Graphic Design)
Tara Gallagher (Original House Book Designer)
Illustrations Ray Arrastia
Cassidy Aquilino-Berg
James Ball
Joel DuQue
Zach Hartlage
Mark Hayden
Alexander Immerzeel
Tristin Ishmael
David Allen Kerber
Duane Loose
Matt Lucas
Mike McCain
Jenn Ravenna
Maury Weiss
Ben Zweifel
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CAT35SN501
First published 16 June 2019
MSRP $14.99 (PDF)
$29.99 (PoD)
Era Succession Wars era
Agency Magistracy of Canopus
Universe Date 3027
Timeline ca. 3026
Series Housebooks series


House Arano (The Aurigan Coalition), published on 16 June 2019 in both Print-on-Demand (PoD) and PDF Ebook format, describes House Arano and the Aurigan Coalition periphery nation (in the Aurigan Reach region) just after the conclusion of the Arano Restoration storyline from the BattleTech computer game by Harebrained Schemes. Its format is a callback to the old FASA-era Housebook series from the 1980s.

Although CGL had previously published novels in a Print-on-Demand format, House Arano was the first full-color sourcebook where they tried that process.


As a CGL publication, this product meets all criteria for canon. This is notable insofar as the subject matter was created for a computer game and thus derives from a separate IP that technically is in no position to add to the main BattleTech universe canon (as currently owned by Topps).

In the time-honored BattleTech tradition of canonizing computer game storylines at least in broad strokes through canonical publications, House Arano (The Aurigan Coalition) canonizes characters, places and events from the otherwise apocryphal game.

From the announcement[edit]

High Lady Kamea Arano dispatched the usurpers who stole her throne, dismantled their dictatorial government, and restored peace to the Aurigan Coalition. Now her true battle begins...

The Arano Restoration has succeeded, and High Lady Kamea rules over the reunited Aurigan Coalition. But all is not well—the Coalition's hardscrabble planets teeter on the brink of collapse, while its powerful neighbors await another chance to subvert House Arano. More than ever, the Coalition needs warriors willing to do whatever it takes to claim victory.

House Arano: The Aurigan Coalition brings the setting of the hit PC strategy game BattleTech into the long-running tabletop experience. Learn the proud history of the Coalition and its hope for the future, then take up the defense of the Arano dynasty with four all-new scenarios picking up where the game left off. House Arano: The Aurigan Coalition is authored by Harebrained Schemes' Andrew McIntosh and Kiva Maginn, writer and developer of the BattleTech PC game.

To survive on the fringes of the Inner Sphere, those of noble birth must once again call on champions of mercenary mind.


The book is framed as a report to the Magestrix by the Magistracy of Canopus's Magistracy Diplomatic Corps. The preface is dated 3026, but some content covers events dated 3027.


  • Art used in this book was originally produced by Harebrained Schemes for their BattleTech: Art Book publication going with the BattleTech video game.
  • Official errata for this book have clarified that
    • the system falsely identified as El Giza on the star map should read Alamagordo instead;
    • all mentions of Regis Roost are in error, as that system was yet unknown at the time of the Arano Restoration storyline (which also establishes that the system's appearance in the HBS computer game is not considered canonical); and
    • the alternate spellings of the Chandan system (Chaadan, Chadan) are canonically correct in the respective timeframe of the maps they appear on.