House Calderon

Crest of House Calderon
House Calderon
Family Profile
Title(s) Protector of the Realm
Founded 2253
Affiliation Taurian Concordat
Cadet branch(es) House Bogdanovich-Calderon
House Martens-Calderon

House Calderon was the dynastic ruling house of Taurus, the Taurian Homeworlds, and the Taurian Concordat. From its founding in 2335 to 3060, the Protectors of the Realm of the Taurian Concordat were all Calderons (with the exception of a single regent). The family crest is a pair of crossed rapiers on a field of stars.[1]


Morals are one thing. Survival is everything.

Samantha Calderon, October, 2252, reported in Modern Explorers[2]



House Calderon are the descendants of Samantha Calderon, the wealthy heiress-businesswoman turned pioneer. Samantha decided to leave the Inner Sphere as a result of the brutality inherent in the nascent Inner Sphere, especially during (and in the wake of) the Outer Reaches Rebellion.

Samantha married a wealthy businessman who ran a Terraforming concern out of Vega, and started a family on Aix-la-Chapelle. When Samantha's husband and two daughters were murdered by a Terran Alliance firing squad during the Outer Reaches Rebellion in 2236, Samantha suddenly found herself in possession of a sizable fortune. However, assets dwindled due to the efforts of Marik pirates. Rather than allow her wealth to erode, Samantha decided to seek the safety of the Periphery. Samantha's call for pioneers to form a settlement expedition was answered by thousands of disaffected Spheroids. With a fleet of 25 JumpShips, the Calderon expedition left Aix-la-Chapelle in 2250, traveling rimward around the Terran Alliance, then rimward.

22 months after departing New Syrtis, the fleet arrived in the Hyades Cluster, a system of 8, mutually-orbiting stars, surrounded by no fewer than 37 planetoids, several habitable by humans. However, the path from the jump point to the system required navigating a giant asteroid field occluded by Flannagan's Nebulea. Though the fleet lost 8% of its vessels, including one which bore Samantha's second husband, Victor Taurens, Samantha decided that the Hyades asteroid field provided a fantastic natural barrier to invasion and piracy. The expedition founded the first of the Taurian worlds, Taurus, on 23 January 2253, and quickly commenced colonization efforts on the other habitable worlds within the system.

Samantha died in a freak accident in 2268, leaving her son Timothy as her sole heir. Despising the hated, brutal, but democratic Terran Alliance, Timothy and the Taurian people agreed that the Protectorship would remain a hereditary Calderon title, further distinguishing the Taurians from the heart of the Inner Sphere. It was Timothy who established egalitarian Taurian social policy - food for work.

Calderon Family Tree[edit]

Early Family Tree[edit]

Unknown (deceased)
Samantha Calderon
Victor Taurens*
Daughter (deceased)
Daughter (deceased)
Timothy Calderon*
Sandra Calderon
Richard Calderon
Daniel Calderon
Amanda Calderon
Calderon Family


  • One probably would not conceive a child during interstellar travel, meaning any child by a third husband would have probably been born in 2254 or later.
  • Timothy would have been at most fourteen years old when he took the Protectorship.
  • Firing squads do not generally shoot infants (maybe Terran Alliance firing squads do, though...). It is unlikely to have daughters old enough to be shot by a firing squad if you are not already 20 (reasonably, a young Samantha might have been 25 years old). This means that Samantha would be at least 38 (probably closer to 45) if she gave birth to Timothy by a third husband.

Family Tree, 2570 - 3000[edit]

Calderon Family
Amalthia Calderon*
Kalvin Liao
Ariana Calderon
Caterina Calderon
Mitchell Calderon
Henry Calderon
Marantha Calderon*
Argento Calderon
Carlos Calderon
Richard Calderon
Consuelo Calderon
Reginald Calderon
Jentarra Calderon
Brandon Calderon
Ignatius Calderon
Calderon Family


* - though not explicitly stated, it may be implied that the Calderon line did not experience a succession crisis until the death of Marantha Calderon[3]

Thirty-first Century Family Tree[edit]

Calderon Family
Zarantha Calderon
Thomas Calderon
Edward CalderonJanice CalderonIan CalderonFelix CalderonJeffrey Calderon
Talia Martens
Brenda Calderon
Lorelei Centrella
Richard Calderon
Erik Martens-Calderon
House Martens-Calderon


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