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House Kerensky

House Kerensky
Family Profile
Title(s) Defender of the First Lord
Affiliation Terran Hegemony

House Kerensky has a illustrious martial tradition.



Known members of the family[edit]

Other Kerenskys[edit]

Nicholas would found the Clans, his lineage and the lineage of his brother Andry would form the basis of the most prestigious of Bloodnames.[1]

Prince of the Draconis March, Vladimir Kerensky is unlikely to be related the Terran Hegemony Kerenskys as he is stated to be the last of the Kerensky family.[2]

Family Heirlooms and Holdings[edit]

The family are the holders of the unique title Defender of the First Lord given by First Lord Nicholas Cameron to the Kerensky family after Tanya Kerensky lost her life protecting him in 2604.[3]


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