House Madeira

Crest of House Madeira
House Madeira
Family Profile
Title(s) Emir of Guldra
Affiliation Aurigan Coalition

House Madeira are one of the seven noble families that form the Founding Council of the Aurigan Coalition, traditional rulers of Guldra.


In 2870, House Madeira shared power with House Decimis in the system of Guldra when House Arano and House Espinosa approached them and the leaders of Smithon, Itrom, and Tyrlon about forming the Aurigan Trade Partnership. Forty years later, they became part of the Founding Council of the Aurigan Coalition.[1]

In the late 2950s, tensions between House Madeira and House Decimis reached a point that the other families were forced to step in and broker an accord that saw House Decimis move to Panzyr.[2]

The Madeiras had family ties with House Gallas[3] and House Espinosa.[4]

Accounted one of the wealthiest Aurigan Houses, their influence is felt in style and culture throughout the Coalition.[4]

From the time of Coromodir's independence from the Taurian Concordat to the founding of the Aurigan Directorate, House Espinosa served as chief advisers and supporters to House Arano.[1][5][4][6] During and after the Arano Restoration, House Madeira came to fill this role, in the person of Alexander Madeira. He was Kamea Arano's chief adviser, handpicked the new diplomatic corps,[6] held the de facto rank of General of the Aurigan Coalition Military,[7] and is seen as the "architect" of the Restoration.[6]


The House's ancestry is of Egyptian and Portuguese origin.[4]

Known members of the family[edit]

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Family Heirlooms and Holdings[edit]

House Madeira rules the wealthy Guldra system, considered the breadbasket of the Aurigan Reach.[9][10]

Their estate is a sprawling complex in one of the megacities of Guldra IV's northern hemisphere.[4]


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