House Siever

House Siever
Family Profile
Affiliation Rim Worlds Republic

House Siever was one of the most powerful houses of the Rim Worlds Republic.


The Sievers were maternal cousins of House Amaris,[1] having married into their family sometime in the first 150 years of Amaris' rule of the Republic.

They had briefly ruled on two occasions. The first is when Selanta Amaris was appointed as a baby in 2622 to become the next president but wouldn't be sworn in until coming of age around 2639, and in the interim the Republic was governed by a triumvirate of Protectors, one of whom was Jimmy Siever. Selanta's secret service discovered he was plotting to retain power after she reached her majority and was subsequently given a distant ambassadorial post.[2]

Jimmy Siever's relationship was close enough to the Amarises that Carl and Gregor Siever (likely his sons) were listed high in the line of succession, after Selanta's son Bertram. After a failed coup attempt by Gregor in 2687, Carl became president for roughly a decade as there were no other adult members of either House Amaris or House Siever who could mount an effective challenge for the seat. He later stepped down and handed reign back to House Amaris when Selanta's granddaughter Cynthia came of age.[3][4]

Members of the family are likely to have survived the Amaris Civil War, as Aleksandr Kerensky and his troops slaughtered everyone with the name Amaris but overlooked those with other last names. With the danger of being even distantly related to Amaris, the Siever family fled the Rim Worlds.[1]

Known members of the family[edit]


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